Safety items list wise unified PL numbers of CLW, DLW, ICF & RCF

Safety items list wise unified PL numbers of CLW, DLW, ICF & RCF

Sub: Safety item list with unified PL number.

Ref: 1. Dhall Committee recommendations on Public Procurement.
2. Rly. Board’s letters no. 99/RS(IC)/165/SRC pt.l dated 06.03.2012 & 14.03.2012.
3. MM’s D.O. no. 201 l/RS(G)/779/13 dated 21.12.2011.

Dhall Committee was constituted by Govt, of India to bring about reforms in public procurement. Based on that, various instructions were given by Govt, of India to different ministries. Ministry of Railways, inter-alia, was asked to initiate suitable reforms. In pursuant to this, Ministry of Railways had taken the task of unification of PL number. Safety items being of immense importance to Indian Railways, as a first step the updated list of safety items was issued vide Board’s letter no. No.99/RS(IC)/165/SRC pt.l dated 06.03.2012 in consultation with RDSO.

In order to bring further clarity on the same, the list of safety items of ICF, RCF, CLW and DLW (the PL unifying PUs) with unified PL numbers is being issued herewith.

In the list, the description, drawing, specification and unified PL number has been jointly reviewed by the design & stores wings of the respective PL unifying PUs. The hard copy of the joint review by design and stores is available on SMDMS.

Further, most of the items appearing in the list have been categorized into Cat. I, II & III in accordance with Board’s letter no.99/RS(G)/709/l pt.l dated 11.03.2005. Wherever the category is not indicated Railway may follow the practice in vogue. The item reference in the list refers to the corresponding item no. in the list dated 06.03.2012.

It is advised that the unified PL number as indicated in the list should be adopted by Zonal Rlys./PUs.


The list is available in soft form on and SMDMS.

(A.N. Rao)
Dy. Director Railway Stores(IC)
Railway Board

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