Steps to be taken to generate mis reports for ticket booking through point of sale pos machine


No.2015/TG-I/101PIPayment through electronic means Pt.II

New Delhi, dated 12.01.2017

Chief Commercial Managers,
All Zonal Railways

Manager Director, CRIS,
New Delhi.


Sub: Steps to be taken to generate MIS reports for ticket booking through Point of Sale (POS) machine.
Ref: Commercial Circular nos. 69/2016 dated 10.12.2016 & 70/2016 dated 23.12.2016.

Instructions regarding accounting procedure for remittance of traffic earnings received through POS machines installed by SBI have already been issued to Zonal Railways vide above referred commercial circulars under Board’s letters no. 2015/TG-I/10/P/Payment through electronic means Pt.II dated 10.12.2016 and 23.12.2016.

However, for the purpose of generating MIS reports for the transactions through POS machines for the ticket booking) following procedure may be adopted:

1. As and when, a POS is installed, the following information shall, be fed in the PRS/UTS terminal connected with SBI POS-

a) Bank Code (SB for State Bank)
b) Service Provider identification for the POS machine (World Line/Hitachi)
c) 8 digit alpha-numeric identification number of the POS machine (POS machine ID number)

The above information shall be fed by database console staff in PRS system and Chief booking Supervisor in UTS system. The POS machine attached to one PRS/UTS terminal shall not be changed or connected to any other terminal in normal course, It has to be ensured that if POS machine is changed the above details are updated by the respective staff and then only used for transactions. In case of PRS, the change in POS ID shall be effective only on next day. So, the change in POS machine, if required, shall be done after end of evening shift. It should be ensured that the location of SBT POS matches with that defined in terminal database of PRS/UTS application.

2. For the proper MIS generation, while booking the tickets, following details shall be fed by the booking/reservation clerk:-

a) Last 4 digits of debit/credit card no.
b) Payment Card Service Provider (MCIVCIRU for Master, VISA, RUPAy)- This is planned to be captured in PRS only.
c) Payment Card type (Debit/Credit).
d) 12-digit Receiver Registration Number (RRN no.)
(RRN Number is the booking reference number printed on the ‘charge slip’ printed by the POS machine for every transaction).

All Zonal Railways are requested to ensure compliance of these instructions.

(Amit Kumar Jain)
Director Traffic Commercial (G)
Railway Board

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