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Internship in Indian Railways 2018

Railway Internship 2018 Form

Indian Railways Summer and Winter Internship Programme



New Delhi, Dt. 04-04-2018

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways/Production Units

All Public Sector Undertakings

Sub: Internship programme of Ministry of Railways

An internship programme for the year 2017-18 is being conducted by the Ministry of Railways. Salient features of the internship  programme of the Railways are as follows:-

1 Objective To    familiarize     the    students     pursuing Graduation/Post       Graduation     in   Engineering     and MBA, with  the working  of Railways  and  formulation of policies. To allow young  academic  talent  to be associated  with the Railways  work for mutual  benefit.
The        internship     is     neither    a   job    nor    any    such assurance  for  a  job  in  the  Indian  Railways.
2 Eligibility Any    Indian    national     pursuing     Graduation /Post  Graduation    in Engineering   (Civil,  Electrical, Mechanical    &   Electronics,    Computers     disciplines only)   or   MBA   from   Institutes    of   National    and International   repute  is eligible to apply.
a)  Students      pursuing       Post     Graduation   in Engineering   should  have  obtained  a First class Graduate  Degree
b) Students  pursuing  undergraduate    course in Engineering    should   have   completed    at  least two  years  of study in   Degree  and  should  have a consistently  good  academic  record.
c)  Students  pursuing   MBA should  have  obtained a First Class Graduate   Degree  and  should  have successfully  completed   one year of the course.
3 Duration Duration  of the internship   will be two months  during the financial  year 2018-19
4 Subject and Location The  area  of  study   can  include   Logistics,   Financial Management,     HR,   Materials    Management,     Project Management  and  other  technical  matters   pertaining to Railways,  as may be assigned  to the Intern.   A list of topics is given in Annexure-I  to the letter.
He/She                 should   also  mentioned    suggested   areas   of his/her   interest  and location  to facilitate  arrangement of the  subject  of study.    However,   assignment   of the subject/ topic   shall   be   the   prerogative     of   the administration.
5 Remuneration No remuneration  is payable
6 Stay Arrangements    Boarding  and  lodging   arrangements  will  have  to be made  by  the  Intern.    However,   if  such  facilities  are available  in Railway  premises,   they  can be provided on payment
7 Submission  of paper On completion   of the Internship,   the intern  would  be required   to  present   a  Report/Paper    on  the  subject allotted  to him/  her
8 Certificate  of internship               The Report/Paper   submitted   by the  Intern  would  be               evaluated.    On successful  completion   of internship,   a certificate  of internship  would  be issued.
9 How to apply Interested    and   eligible   students    are  to  send   their application         (Annexure- II)    alongwith    their   CVs covering  letter  from  the  Institute   duly  indicating   the place   where   they   intend   to  intern   to  CPO  of  the concerned          Zonal    Railway /Production       Unit/PSU (Zonal  Rly./PU  /PSU  of the  nearest  Rail head  to the institute)
10 Selection The requests  will be scrutinized   by the  ZR/PU/PSU and  depending    on  the  merits, candidates  would  be selected  for  internship by  the      concerned ZR/PU/PSU.

2. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Railway Board.

Ends: Annexure I & II

(Padma Sharma)
Joint Director E(Trg.)
Railway Board.


1. Adoption of Technology on Indian Railways
a) Study on CTC (Centralised Traffic Control), CBTC (Communication Based Train Control)
b) Maintenance issues related to Electronic interlocking
c) Reliability improvement of DAC (Digital Axle Counter)
2. Role of signaling in throughput enhancement
3. Railway Communication
4. Data Analytics
5. Material presentation
6. Vendor selection methods such as Analytical hierarchical processing, Data envelopment
technique, Taguchi Loss Method etc.
7. Virtual prototyping
8. Statistical quality control
9. Green Procurement
10. 3PL & Vendor managed inventory
11. Reverse logistics & buyback
12. RFID
13. Braille printing & 3 D printing
14. Intelligent material
15. Carbon pricing
16. Recruitment procedures on Indian Railways
17. Manpower Planning on Indian Railways
18. Staff Welfare Schemes on Indian Railways
19. In House Training on Indian Railways
20. Channels of Promotion on Indian Railways
21. Industrial Relations on Indian Railways
22. High Speed Train Projects
23. Regulatory Framework for Railways
24. PPP Projects Appraisal
25. Financial viability and Revenue model for execution of New line between Biyavra Rajgarh-Bhopal (104 km)
26. Financial viability and Revenue model for execution of Gauge Conversion between Miyagam-Dabhoi-Samalya (96 km)
27.Financial viability and Revenue model for execution of Doubling between Surendra Nagar-Rajkot (115.17 km)

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