MAGIC BOX – Wi-Fi – Entertainment on-the-go for rail passengers

MAGIC BOX – Wi-Fi  – Entertainment on-the-go for rail passengers

Magic Box Tejas Express – Tejas Express Magic Box – Magic Box Tejas – Tejas Express Magic Wifi

‘MAGIC BOX’ Wi-Fi Infotainment System on Kacheguda-Bengaluru Express Entertainment on-the-go for rail passengers

In a far reaching initiative to enhance passenger comfort, South Central Railway has introduced unique concept called ‘Magic Box’ Wi-Fi Infotainment System on train which provides off-line multimedia content to the users. Six Magic box devices have been provided in five Air-conditioned coaches of one rake of Train No. 12785 Kacheguda – KSR Bengaluru Bangalore Express for the first time on trail basis over South Central Railway. The system has been supplied by M/s. SR Moving Talkies Private Limited, New Delhi. So far this facility is provided on New Delhi Shatabdi Express, Mumbai Rajdhani Express and Lucknow Express trains only.

The objective of Magic Box is to provide entertainment to the passengers during their journey time. Passengers can access 500 hours of entertainment available in the Magic Box through Wi-Fi duly switching on Wi-Fi on their respective mobiles/Laptops and no internet connection is required for this purpose. Passengers can enjoy the content of their interest and relax during their train journey such as watching Movies in English, Hindi & Regional languages. Kids also can enjoy Cartoons, Songs etc. The content pertaining to Railways and other Government policies is also available in the Magic Box, for interested passengers to access the same and update their knowledge using the information available.

Steps to get connected to the Magic Box:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Wi-Fi option
  • Look at available net works and connect to “Magic Box’
  • Go to browser after getting the connection
  • Type on the browser window
  • Click on thumbnail to start watching
  • One time registration to be done to Access the content
  • Enjoy the entertainment content

“Magic Box Tejas Express” , the Wi-fi Entertainment System onboard Chennai Egmore – Madurai Tejas Express will enable passengers to access 500 hours worth of non-stop entertainment from their mobiles/laptops – Take advantage


Tejas Express, which runs between Chennai Egmore and Madurai had been provided with a ‘MAGICBOX’ which lets passengers access 500 hours worth of entertainment right from their mobiles.

This was done based on passenger feedback who felt a premium train like Tejas should offer entertainment to enhance the joy of travelling. Tejas coaches were initially provided with Seat mounted infotainment system which was removed after complains from travellers about its frequent malfunctioning on the run and a railway board instruction to discontinue all seat mounted infotainment systems. Railway administration had faced problem in updating its software and content.

Wi-fi Entertainment box “MAGIC BOX” is pre installed with movies, kids content, music and Government schemes. It has content in regional languages for the multilingual passengers of Indian Railways. Tejas Express which runs 6 days a week, except Thursday, is maintained by GSN Coaching Depot, Chennai.

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