Important Notice for RRB Candidates Selected for SCR ALP,Technicians, JEs etc

Important Notice for RRB Candidates Selected for SCR ALP,Technicians, JEs etc

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RRB Candidates (ALP, Technicians. JEs etc) who have been empanelled for different categories are advised as under regarding their joining/training/appointment letter/, which got delayed due to restrictions on account of COVID-19

The candidates fall under following categories:

  • Offer of appointment has been issued but the candidates are waiting to report for submission of documents at Division/Unit level.
  • In few cases offers sent have not been received by the candidates.
  • In some case offers were ready but could not be despatched.
  • Candidates were sent for training but the same had to be stopped either midway or could not commence at all.
  • In very few cases though division allotment has been done but candidates have not received offer from the Divisions/Workshops.
  • Division allotment was done for few ALPs but offer of appointment letters were not issued due to training slots not available.
  • Candidates empanelled against resultant vacancies on account of inter railway transfers, promotion of ALPs to higher posts in the hierarchy, etc, who have to wait for the vacancies to occur.
  • Candidates who are in above circumstances are advised not to get worried and on ease of situation appropriate action will be taken by the divisions / workshops accordingly and information to that effect will be communicated through this website. You should keep looking for developments on this platform.
  • Please do not to panic and have patience in view of this extraordinary situation.

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