Indian Railway-Retirement Formalities Through Virtual Means

Indian Railway-Retirement Formalities Through Virtual Means

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No.2020/RB (W)/5/7

Dated 21.07.2020

The General Managers, All Indian Railways & PUs
DGs/Directors, NAIR/RDSQ/CTIs
CAOs, DMW/Patiala & RWP/Bela

(Kind Attn: PCPOs/CPOs)

Sub: Retirement formalities through virtual means.

In the Railway Board on the last working day of every month a retirement function is organized for the retirees. Such functions are also organized at the Zonal Divisional Level, PUs, and Workshops etc. Off late due to the spread of COVID-19, these functions are not being held with physical gatherings.

2. It is felt that such retirement function could henceforth be held through Video Conferencing on the last working day of every month at 17:00 hours on an all India basis. All the Zonal Headquarters, Divisional Headquarters, Training Institutes and Workshops / PUs could participate to the extent possible by being connected to Railway Board.

3. The first such retirement function through Video Conferencing is planned on 31st of July 2020 and thereafter every month on the last working day.

4. At the venue of the Video Conferencing, all precautions social/physical distancing norms are to be strictly observed. Accordingly, all are requested to furnish the details of retirees by 20th of each month to the Railway Board in the format Annexed.

5. It may also be noted that Hon’ble MR, Hon’ble MoS(R) may join and address through video link depending on their convenience.

6. All are requested to nominate a coordinating nodal officer whose details may be furnished to Board.

Joint Secretary
Railway Board
Tele fax: 011-23387362

Name of Officer (Shri/Ms.):
Name of Railway / PU/ Institute/Workshop etc.:
Qualifying Service:
Remarks (Achievements, Special activities:

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