Special train between Visakhapatnam – Gandhidham

Special train between Visakhapatnam-Gandhidham

Special train between Visakhapatnam-Gandhidham (Train No. 08501 / 08502) time table, route, frequency and fare

For the convenience of passengers, East Coast Railway has decided to run special train between Visakhapatnam-Gandhidham-Visakhapatnam (Train No. 08501 / 08502)

Train No. 08501 Visakhapatnam-Gandhidham special train

Train No. 08501 Visakhapatnam-Gandhidham Special train will leave from (Every Thursday) Visakhapatnam at 17.35 hrs & will reach Gandhidham at 09.00 hrs and train running time between the station 39 hour and 25 minutes.

Train No. 08502 Gandhidham-Visakhapatnam special train

Similarly, Train No. 08502 Gandhidham-Visakhapatnam Special train will leave from (Every Sunday) Gandhidham at 22.45 hrs & will reach Visakhapatnam at 14.35 hrs and train running time between the station 39 hour and 50 minutes.

Visakhapatnam-Gandhidham Distance between the station is 2111 Kilometer

Date of Commencement of Service:

Train No. 08501 from Visakhapatnam-Gandhidham special train 22-10-2020 to 26-11-2020

Train No: 08502 from Gandhidham-Visakhapatnam special train 25-10-2020 to 29-11-2020

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