Mumbai Local Train Time Table From 02-11-2022

Mumbai Local Train Time Table From 02-11-2020

Western Railway Mumbai Suburban Timetable w.e.f. 2nd Nov 2020




Mumbai Suburban Timetable w.e.f. 2nd Nov 2020

Suburban Trains are permitted to leave up to 3 minutes before the scheduled departure at en route stations. However, at originating stations train will leave only at scheduled departure time

Central Railway Mumbai Suburban Timetable

Central Railway Suburban Time Table with effect from 02-11-2020

Please click the link to view the timetable in PDF Download: CR Suburban Time Table with effect from 2.11.2020

Railways now to operate 2773 suburban services with the addition of 753 suburban services to the existing 2020 with effect from 2.11.2020

Additional 552 suburban services on CR to the existing 1020 , making the total 1572 services

Additional 201 suburban services on WR to the existing 1000, making the total 1201 services

Currently 1020 suburban services on Central Railway and 1000 suburban services on Western Railway are being operated.


It is expected that travellers should follow medical and social Covid19 protocols as mandated from time to time.

In order to observe all norms mandated for Covid-19, Passengers are requested not to rush inside train and at station at a time.

The public is requested not to believe in any rumours.

Together we can fight Corona.

8 Suburban services on Nerul/ Belapur-Kharkopar Section

Central Railway will recommence suburban services on Nerul/ Belapur-Kharkopar section with effect from 20.11.2020.

There will be 8 suburban services, 4 each between Nerul and Kharkopar & Belapur and Kharkopar.

The timings are given under:

  • Nerul dep 08.45 hrs Kharkopar arr 09.05 hrs
  • Kharkopar dep 09.15 hrs Nerul arr 09.35 hrs
  • Nerul dep 17.45 hrs Kharkopar arr 18.05 hrs
  • Kharkopar dep 18.15 hrs Nerul arr 18.35 hrs
  • Belapur dep 09.32 hrs Kharkopar arr 09.50 hrs
  • Kharkopar dep 10.00 hrs Belapur arr 10.18 hrs
  • Belapur dep 18.32 hrs Kharkopar arr 18.50 hrs
  • Kharkopar dep 19.00 hrs Belapur arr 19.18 hrs

Currently, Central Railway run 1572 suburban services daily on mainline, harbour line and Transharbour line. With the addition of 8 suburban services on 4th corridor i.e. Nerul/ Belapur-Kharkopar line, the total services will become 1580 from 20.11.2020.


Except for categories as identified by the State Government and as approved by Ministry of Railways, others are requested not to rush to the stations.

Passengers are advised to adhere all norms, SOPs related to COVID19 during the boarding, travel and at destination.

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