Freight Incentive scheme in Indian Railway

Freight Incentive scheme in Indian Railway

Western Railways’ Freight Incentive Schemes provide ease of business to the customers

Various railway incentive schemes for transportation of goods & parcels has been introduced by Western Railways. The Freight Incentive Schemes provide ease of business to the customers and also garner additional volume of traffic and revenue to the railways. Thus, these schemes based on the existing traffic pattern, results in win-win situation for the freight customers as well as for Railways.

Except for Station to Station Rates and Long-term Tariff Contract, all the incentives/ benefits are provided at the Goods shed itself based on the traffic offered and the scheme guidelines. Some of the major schemes available for transportation of goods through Railways are outlined below:

  1. Station To Station Rates (STS)
  2. Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme on traffic booked in Traditional Empty Flow Direction (TEFD)
  3. Long Term Tariff Contract (LTTC)
  4. Freight Forwarder Scheme
  5. Relaxation for loading of Steel pipes through Railways
  6. Relaxation for loading of Petcoke through Railways
  7. Concession for non-refined Salt for human consumption through Railway
  8. Freight Incentive Scheme for loading bagged consignment in open & flat wagons
  9. Freight Incentive Scheme for Loading of Fly Ash
  10. Round Trip Traffic (RTT)
  11. Short Lead Traffic
  12. Long Lead Traffic

These schemes have been designed especially for freight transporters and Western Railway is requesting them to come forward and grab these attractive schemes. For further specific details of these schemes, the Rates Circulars as mentioned above can be accessed on the below mentioned link and Senior Divisional Commercial Managers (Sr. DCM) of various divisions over Western Railway can also be contacted for any assistance in this regard. indianrailways