Kolkata Local Train Time Table

Kolkata Local Train Time Table

Sealdah Local Train Time Table 2023 | Howrah Local Train Time Table 2023

Kolkata Local Train Time Table 2023 | Kolkata Local Train Time Table Download in PDF


Note: The Staff Specials depicted in above matrices are based on actual services mentioned in WTT-2019. All services will stop at all stations en-route. They cannot leave a station prior to the time mentioned in WTT-2019. Ticketing will be done as per extant rule.


Kolkata Local Train Resume Service from 11-11-2023 

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Eastern Railway (ER) EMU time table, route and frequency in PDF File –  Click Here

South Eastern Railway (SER) to restore the EMU local train services from 11-11-2020

As per the request of Govt. of West Bengal, it has been bedded by South Eastern Railway to restore its Suburban Train Services in different routes viz., Howrah-Kharagpur-Midnapur, Howrah-Amta. Howrah-Haldia etc. from 11th November 2020 (Wednesday) observing COVID-19 Health & Hygiene Protocols.

The details of Local Train services which are to be restored along with timings at originating and destination stations are given as under:


South Eastern Railway (SER) to Restore the Additional EMU Services from 26-11-2020


South Eastern Railway (SER) to restore the EMU Additional 146 Services local train from 26-11-2020 time table, route and frequency

In order to clear the huge rush of Suburban Passengers and to maintain proper social distancing in suburban trains, South Eastern Railway has decided to run 51 additional EMU Locals from tomorrow (26.11.2020). With the resumption of 51 more EMU services, total 146 EMU trains of S E Railway will become operational on suburban routes. Till now the services of 95 trains have been resumed and considering the highoccupancy in existing trains, it has been decided to run 51 more EMU trains from tomorrow.

Out of the 51 additional EMU Services, 26 will run in Up direction and 25 in Down direction.

Among the twenty six Up EMU trains, eight trains will run between Howrah-Panskura, two between Howrah-Midnapur, three between Howrah-Kharagpur, three between Howrah-Mecheda, five between Howrah-Amta and one each between Shalimar-Santragachi, Santragachi-Panskura, Howrah-Haldia, Panskura-Digha & Panskura-Haldia.

Out of the twenty five Down EMU trains, nine trains will run between Panskura-Howrah, five between Amta-Howrah, two between Midnapur-Howrah, three between Kharagpur-Howrah and one each between Mecheda-Howrah, Haldia-Howrah, Digha-Panskura, Haldia-Panskura, Mecheda-Shalimar & Bagnan-Howrah.

These EMU Locals will run as per the timings and stoppages of the existing Public Sub-urban Time table 2019-20. The daily tickets and season tickets will be available at the booking counters at different stations for the commuters. It has been decided to extend the validity of the season tickets to the extent of days lost during lockdown.

Entry inside the stations and in trains will strictly be maintained as per COVID-19 health protocols. Close liaison with State Authorities and various Railway Departments has been programmed for ensuring social distancing, queue management and prevention of spread of COVID-19.

Use of face mask is mandatory and Railway and State Government will ensure multiple rounds of checking for maintaining of social distancing. Passengers are requested to avail alternate seats observing indication on seats to maintain physical distancing during journey. All coaches will be sanitized regularly.

South Eastern Railway urges all its valued commuters to strictly follow COVID-19 health and hygiene protocols.

The schedule timings of the additional 51 EMU services for UP and DN direction to be introduced from tomorrow are given as under:

Train No. UP Train Name Dep. Arr.
38903 Howrah-Amta EMU Local 05.05 06.45
38409 Howrah-PanskuraEMU Local 07.45 09.47
38411 Howrah-Panskura EMU Local 08.13 10.12
38031 Shalimar-Santragachi EMU Local 08.50 09.05
38413 Santragachi-Panskura EMU Local 09.15 10.50
38053 Howrah-Haldia EMU Local 09.32 12.45
38909 Howrah-Aamta EMU Local 10.35 12.15
38711 Howrah-Kharagpur EMU Local 11.00 13.50
38713 Howrah-Kharagpur EMU Local 11.55 14.40
38817 Howrah-Midnapur EMU Local 12.15 15.30
38307 Howrah-Mecheda EMU Local 12.35 14.10
38425 Howrah-Panskura EMU Local 13.55 15.47
38719 Howrah-Kharagpur EMU Local 14.10 17.02
38429 Howrah-Panskura EMU Local 15.05 16.55
38055 Panskura-Haldia EMU Local 15.15 16.55
38913 Howrah-Amta EMU Local 15.25 17.05
38433 Howrah-Panskura EMU Local 16.15 18.05
38825 Howrah-Midnapur EMU Local 18.15 21.00
38917 Howrah-Amta EMU Local 18.07 19.45
68687 Panskura-Digha EMU Local 18.10 20.50
38441 Howrah-PanskuraEMU Local 18.25 20.15
38447 Howrah-Panskura EMU Local 19.48 21.38
38921 Howrah-Amta EMU Local 20.35 22.15
38319 Howrah-Mecheda EMU Local 22.00 23.32
38321 Howrah-Mecheda EMU Local 22.57 00.40
38455 Howrah-Panskura EMU Local 23.40 01.28
Train No. DN Train Name Dep. Arr.
38304 Mecheda-Howrah EMU Local 03.50 05.20
38904 Amta-Howrah EMU Local 05.30 07.00
38412 Panskura-Howrah EMU Local 05.40 07.30
38310 Mecheda-Shalimr EMU Local 07.03 08.32
38202 Bagnan-Howrah EMU Local 07.25 08.40
68688 Digha-Panskura EMU Local 06.45 09.20
38910 Amta-Howrah EMU Local 09.02 10.37
38054 Haldia-Panskura EMU Local 10.05 11.40
38426 Panskura-Howrah EMU Local 10.00 11.47
38428 Panskura-Howrah EMU Local 10.20 12.07
38912 Amta-Howrah EMU Local 10.55 12.25
38716 Kharagpur-Howrah EMU Local 10.55 13.35
38432 Panskura-Howrah EMU Local 12.05 14.02
38914 Amta-Howrah EMU Local 13.25 14.55
38438 Panskura-Howrah EMU Local 15.35 17.25
38056 Haldia-Howrah EMU Local 15.00 17.57
38722 Kharagpur-Howrah EMU Local 15.20 18.05
38444 Panskura-Howrah EMU Local 17.08 19.20
38824 Midnapur-Howrah EMU Local 16.00 19.30
38448 Panskura- Howrah EMU Local 18.00 20.00
38450 Panskura-Howrah EMU Local 18.18 20.25
38922 Amta-Howrah EMU Local 19.55 21.35
38728 Kharagpur-Howrah EMU Local 18.45 21.48
38830 Midnapur-Howrah EMU Local 20.55 00.10
38456 Panskura-Howrah EMU Local 21.25 23.15

Eastern Railway to restore the EMU local train services from 11-11-2020


Consequent upon the request from Govt. of West Bengal, Eastern Railway will restore suburban train services w.e.f. 11.11.2020 to facilitate communication link of passengers. Resumption of train services will take place in a phased manner. At the outset, it has been planned to restore 413 suburban trains over Sealdah Division and 202 over Howrah Division. Out of 413 trains in the Sealdah Division, 270 will ply on the Sealdah Main/North (including Circular Railway) and 143 in the Sealdah South section.

Out of 270 EMU services in the Sealdah Main/North sections including Circular Railway, 22 trains will run in Sealdah – Krishnanagar section, 24 in Sealdah – Naihati section, 10 in Sealdah – Ranaghat – Lalgola section, 26 in Sealdah – Hasnabad section, 8 in Sealdah – Barasat – Duttapukur section, 14 in Sealdah – Shantipur section, 14 in Sealdah – Kalyani Simanta section, 18 in Sealdah – Barrackpore section, 32 in Sealdah – Dankuni – Baruipara section, 24 in Sealdah – Ranaghat – Gede section, 13 in Sealdah – Ranaghat section, 17 in Ranaghat – Bangaon section, 39 in Sealdah – Bangaon section, 7 in Bangaon/Naihati – Dum Dum Jn. – Majerhat section and 2 trains in Sealdah – B B D Bag section.

Out of 143 trains across Sealdah South section, 27 trains will ply in Sealdah – Komagata Maru Budge Budge section, 21 trains in Sealdah – Lakshmikantapur – Namkhana section, 24 in Sealdah – Diamond Harbour section, 31 in Sealdah – Canning section, 19 in Sealdah – Sonarpur section and 21 trains in Sealdah – Sonarpur – Baruipur section.

In the Howrah Division, out of 202 suburban trains, 38 trains will run in Howrah – Bandel section, 10 in Howrah – Tarakeswar – Arambag – Goghat section, 12 in Howrah – Katwa section, 8 in Bandel – Katwa section, 19 in Howrah – Tarakeswar section, 20 in Howrah – Barddhaman Main line section, 22 in Howrah – Barddhaman Chord line section, 18 in Bandel – Naihati section, 2 in Howrah – Baruipara section, 4 in Howrah – Masagram section, 2 in Howrah – Haripal section, 6 in Howrah – Srirampur section, 2 in Howrah – Pundooah section, 1 in Bandel – Pundooah section, 8 in Barddhaman – Balgona – Katwa section, 4 in Howrah – Chandanpur section, 2 in Howrah – Gurap section, 14 in Howrah – Seoraphuli section, 4 in Howrah – Belur Math section, 4 in Howrah – Singur section and 2 trains in Bandel – Bally section.

Time table of suburban train services resuming w.e.f. 11.11.2020 are available at any Railway station and Eastern Railway website.

Validity of suburban season tickets which have expired due to lockdown will be extended to the extent of days lost, at the booking counters of the concerned stations from 08:00 hrs. of 9.11.2020. Normal journey tickets will be available from booking counters from the day of commencement of EMU train services over ER w.e.f. 11.11.2020.

All the passengers are urged upon to maintain Covid-19 health & hygiene protocol including mandatory use of mask/face cover, sanitizer with keeping of physical distancing as a means of combating the spread of COVID-19.

Eastern Railway (ER) to restore the EMU local train services from 11-11-2020 time table, route and frequency in PDF File –  Click Here


For the convenience of the passengers, it has been planned to run more suburban services over Sealdah Division from this Monday (21.12.2020). Since passenger services were introduced in Sealdah Suburban and Krishnanagar-Lalgola sections from 11.11.2020, the number of services have been increased from time to time based on the demands from passengers. Further, in view of demands for more trains it has been decided to increase the number of services from existing 654 to 860 numbers of suburban train services.


For the convenience of the passengers, Eastern Railway will introduce four new EMU locals in Lakshmikantapur – Kakdwip – Namkhana Section w.e.f. 01.01.2021.

  • Train No. 34936 DN Lakshmikantapur – Namkhana Local will leave Lakshmikantapur at 23.47 hrs to reach Namkhana at 00:45 hrs (midnight) on the next day and will stop at Udairampur (23:53 hrs), Kulpi (23:57 hrs), Karanjali (00:03 hrs), Nischindapur Market (00:09 hrs) , Nischindapur (00:13 hrs) , Kashinagar (00:21 hrs), Kakdwip (00:26 hrs) & Ukiler Hat ( 00:34 hrs) stations.
  • Train No. 34935 UP Namkhana – Lakshmikantapur Local will leave Namkhana at 03:05 hrs to reach Lakshmikantapur 04:06 hrs and will stop at Ukiler Hat (03:11 hrs), Kakdwip (03:19 hrs), Kashinagar ( 03:23 hrs), Nischindapur (03:36 hrs), Nischindapur Market(03:39 hrs), Karanjali (03:45 hrs), Kulpi (03:51 hrs) & Udairampur (03:55 hrs) stations.
  • Train No. 34938 DN Kakdwip – Namkhana Local will leave Kakdwip at 22:57 hrs to reach Namkhana at 23:11 hrs and will stop at Ukiler Hat (23:05 hrs) station.
  • Train No. 34937 UP Namkhana – Kakdwip Local will leave Namkhana at 04:37 hrs to reach Kakdwip at 04:51 hrs and will stop at Ukiler Hat (04:43 hrs) station.

Moreover, timings of 34981 UP Kakdwip – Lakshmikantapur Local will be revisedw.e.f. 01.01.2021 and will leave Kakdwip at 04:56 hrs to reach Lakshmikantapur at 05:42 hrs .The train will stop at Kashinagar (05:00 hrs), Nischindapur (05:10-11 hrs), Nischindapur Market (05:14 hrs), Karanjali (05:20 hrs), Kulpi (05:26 hrs) & Udairampur (05:30 hrs) stations.

EMU Train Tarakeswar-Arambag-Tarakeswar

To facilitate the passengers, the services of Train No. 37387 / 37388 Tarakeswar-Arambag-Tarakeswar EMU local and Train No. 37391 / 37394 Tarakeswar-Arambag-Tarakeswar EMU local will be restored with effect from 01.03.2021 and will run as per existing Time Table July, 2019.

Train No. 37387 & Train No. 37391 Tarakeswar-Arambag local will leave Tarakeswar at 05:32 Hrs. & 22:25 Hrs. to reach Arambag at 06:08 Hrs. & 23:25 Hrs. respectively.

Train No. 37388 & Train No. 37394 Arambag-Tarakeswar local will leave Arambag at 06:18 Hrs. & 23:15 Hrs. to reach Tarakeswar at 06:58 & 23:55 Hrs. respectively.

Moreover, to cope up with the expected rush, Howrah division has arranged to run EMU local train services as like as non-Sunday services on 28.02.2021 (Sunday) only.