Railway Budget For Maharashtra

Railway Budget For Maharashtra

Rail Budget for Maharashtra 2023-2024

Allocation of Railway Budget for Maharashtra for the year 2021-22, for building world-class rail infrastructure.

On Going Railway Projects

  • 39 New Railway Line, Gauge Conversion and Doubling Projects Costing Rs. 86,696 Crore for 6,722 KM
  • Total Outlay 2021-22 is Rs. 7,107 Crore
  • Total Budget allocation in 2021-22 is 507% more than the Average of 2009-14.

Note: Projects falling fully and partly in the state

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Increase in Allocation by Rs 100 Crore for MUTP Works

As per the Pink Book for Railways, Western Railway has received a total gross outlay of Rs 7288 crore for the financial year 2021 – 22. This amount is 3.5 % higher than last year’s allocation. The total outlay for MUTP works received is Rs 650 crore, which includes Rs 200 crore for MUTP – II, Rs 300 crore for MUTP – III & Rs 150 crore for MUTP – IIIA. This amount is Rs 100 crore more than last year’s outlay of Rs 550 crore. The increase is due to higher allocation for MUTP – III A which was Rs 50 crore last year.

According to a press release issued by Shri Sumit Thakur – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, gross outlay of Rs 7288 crore has been made for Western Railway in the budget 2021 – 22, while in the previous year budget, Rs 7042 crore was allocated for WR. The Net Outlay for the year 2021 – 22 is Rs 4374 crore. Major construction works such as New Lines, Gauge Conversion & Doubling has been allocated a substantive amount of Rs 833 crore. There has been major increase in allocation for Rolling Stock, Computerisation, Road Safety works, Signalling modernisation, Staff Welfare. Safety being of prime importance, Rs 870 Cr have been allotted to safety related works like track renewals, bridge works, Tunnel works etc. and Rs.662.59 Cr for ROBs, RUBs / LHSs & Level Crossings etc. As railways also has a social obligation towards its passengers, Rs.261.02 Cr has been allocated for passenger amenities works. Rs 17.17 Cr has been allocated for computerisation including setting up of ATVMs, Extension of Unreserved Ticketing System to E category stations etc. Rs. 291.47 Crore have been allotted for Signal & Telecommunication and other electrical works including TRD. Rs 34.74 Cr have been allocated for yard remodelling and other works like development of basic facilities for goods shed, high level platform with additional loop at yard, extension of pit line, provision of cross over, provision of automatic signalling, etc. Shri Thakur further said that, it is proposed to install crew voice & video recording system in the driving cabs of EMU rakes. Rs 9.5 Cr has been allocated for installation of AC in the EMU cabs. Rs. 1340.00 Cr has been made available for raising of speed to 160kmph / 200 kmph on existing New Delhi to Mumbai route (including Vadodara – Ahmedabad section) through institutional funding EBR(IF). Shri Thakur also informed that Rs.7897 crore has been allotted for high speed railway (Mumbai – Ahmedabad) as investment through EBR (Partnership).

Major Highlights of Rail Budget Outlay proposed for WR Mumbai Suburban Proposed Outlay of Mumbai Urban Transportation (MUTP) Works

No. Name of Work Outlay (Rs. In Crore)
1 MUTP – II 200
2 MUTP – III 300
3 MUTP – IIIA 150

Proposed Outlay under the Head – Traffic Facilities – Yard Remodelling & others over Mumbai Suburban Section – Rs 2.5 Cr & Rs. 50 Cr for Mumbai suburban section (out of Rs 1340 Cr through EBR (IF))

  • Raising of speed to 160kmph / 200 kmph on existing New Delhi – Mumbai route (incl. Vadodara – Ahmedabad) – A mission to achieve a travel time of 12 hours between Delhi – Mumbai
  • Andheri – Virar – Extension of suburban platforms for running 15 – car services on slow corridor
  • Provision of new cross over & shifting of signals at Vasai Road

Proposed Outlay under the Head – Computerisation over Mumbai Suburban section

  • Replacement of 377 ATVMs on WR amounting to Rs.2.50 crore

Proposed Outlay for Road Safety works over Mumbai Suburban Section – (Rs. 12.19 Cr and 2.19 Pink Book works + 10 Cr for Umbrella works

  • Charni Road – Grant Road – Regirdering of Road over bridge B Prabhadevi – Regirdering of Road over bridge
  • Virar – Vaitarna – 4 Lane Road over Bridge in lieu of level crossing No.41 B Mumbai Central (South) – Regirdering of Road over bridge
  • Mahalaxmi – Regirdering of Road over bridge
  • Dadar – Regirdering of Road over bridge
  • Lower Parel – Prabhadevi – Regirdering of Road over bridge
  • Vaitarana – Umergaon – Provision of height gauges and fencing at LCs
  • Prabhadevi – Regirdering of Road over bridge
  • Palghar – Boisar – Road over bridge in lieu of LC No. 49 (under Umbrella)

Proposed Outlay on Track Renewals which includes through Rail Renewal over Mumbai Suburban Section amounts to Rs.28.47 crore

  • Proposed Outlay on Signalling & Telecommunication Rs 36 Cr for Pink Book Works + Rs 8 Cr for umbrella works (Rs. 44 Cr)
  • Mumbai Central – Virar – Vadodara – Ahmedabad – Train protection system (500 rkm)
  • Churchgate – Virar – Replacement of Mobile Train Radio Communication system (MTRC) of suburban section
  • Churchgate – Vile Parle – Provision of MSDAC in Parallel with existing track circuits to improve reliability of Signalling gear B Churchgate – Virar – Replacement of auxiliary warning system equipment
  • Virar – Dahanu Road – Replacement of audio frequency track circuiting by digital axle counters
  • Dahanu Road – Replacement of indoor & outdoor signaling equipment
  • Reliability improvement and selective repl.of signaling items (Suburban section works at Vaitarna – Paldhi, Vasai Road, Bandra, Jogeshwari) under Umbrella)

Proposed Outlay on Other Electrical work including TRD over Mumbai Suburban Section Rs 1.43 Cr

Proposed Outlay under the Head – Workshops including Production Units over Mumbai Suburban Section Rs 31.06 Cr

  • Augmentation of periodical / intermediate overhauling capacity from 15 to 30 LHB coaches per month
  • Setting up of maintenance depot of train sets at Virar
  • All weather cover sheds at pit lines at Bandra Terminus

Proposed Outlay under the Head – Passenger Amenities over Mumbai Suburban Rs 20.28 Cr

  • 12 mm wide foot over bridge at Borivali
  • Raising of suburban section platforms from 840 mm to 920 mm (97 platforms between Churchgate – Virar)
  • Foot over bridge at Bhayandar in lieu of old west span B Foot over bridge at Virar at PF No.8
  • Foot over bridge at Kandivali in lieu of old south FOB
  • Foot over bridge & extension of PF No.1 & 2 at Prabhadevi
  • Foot over bridge at north end at Khar Road
  • Replacement of existing FOBs at Marine Lines, Charni Road, Grant Road, Mumbai Central, Lower Parel & Bandra
  • Extension of north FOB at Lower Parel towards west side
  • Replacement of asbestos cement sheets of cover over platform by galvalume sheets between Vaitarna & Dahanu Rd stations.
  • Provision / rebuilding of FOB at Andheri, Bandra, Khar Road & Malad
  • Replacement of existing FOBs at Santacruz, Andheri, Goregaon, Malad, Naigaon, Nalasopara & Vasai
  • Providing of FOBs at without escalator at Grant Road, Mahalaxmi, Mahim, Vile Parle, Jogeshwari, Borivali, Dahisar & Vasai Road
  • Provision of lift at Mumbai Central
  • Setting up of Quick Watering System at Vasai Rd station

Proposed Outlay under the Head – Other Specified works over Mumbai Suburban Section includes

  • Integrated security system at 32 stations – Rs.8.5 crore
  • Bandra – Conservation & restoration of station into Grade – I heritage structure – Rs.5 crore.