Railway Budget For Tamil Nadu

Railway Budget For Tamil Nadu

Rail Budget for Tamil Nadu 2023-2024

Allocation of Railway Budget for Tamil Nadu for the year 2021-22, for building world-class rail infrastructure.

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On Going Railway Projects

  • 27 New Railway Line, Gauge Conversion and Doubling Projects Costing Rs. 30,961 Crore for 3,128 Kilo Meter
  • Total Outlay 2021-22 is Rs. 2,972 Crore
  • Total Budget allocation in 2023-24 is 238% more than the Average of 2009-14.

Note: Projects falling fully and partly in the state


Shri John Thomas, General Manager, Southern Railway along with Principal Heads of Departments held a virtual Press Meet in connection with allocation for Southern Railway in Finance Budget 2021-22.

The General Manager gave a presentation on the budget allocations for Southern Railway, starting with the 6 pillars of Budget 2021-22. He stated that the main highlight of the this year’s budget is that Indian Railways has been allocated an amount of Rs. 1,07,300 crores under Gross budgetary support (GBS). Of which Southern Railway has been allocated a substantial amount of Rs. 3,855 crores including Stores and Manufacture Suspense and he stated that allocation under capital/GBS is very key as the land acquisition for doubling and new lines have to be done under capital. This will give a fillip to the infrastructure in Southern Railway.

In this year’s Budget outlay, Rs.1206.04 crores has been earmarked for Doubling Projects and Rs.178 crores has been earmarked for Gauge Conversion Projects. Outlining that a record amount of Rs. 224.57 crores has been allotted for Passenger Amenities for the year 2021-22 in Southern Railway, the General Manager detailed that this is a 13.35% increase over last year’s grant, out of which a considerable amount of Rs.89 crores have been earmarked for soft up gradation and Rs.87.52 Crores have been earmarked for Foot Over Bridges and raising of Platforms.

He also spoke on the National Rail Plan and Vision 2024 of Indian Railway. National Rail plan aims to develop capacity, infrastructure and enhance rail freight share ahead of demand. Such capacity is to be developed by 2030 and it will cater to demand till year 2050. This will be done in two leaps- first leap by 2024 and second leap by 2030. Vision 2024 has identified various projects that need to fast tracked to achieve a loading of 2024 MT for Indian Railway by year 2024 amongst other targets. General Manager outlined Southern Railway’s share and contribution in building the national Rail infrastructure. The Budget 2021-22 is a step in the right direction in achieving this vision and in making Railway future ready.

In Tamil Nadu, 27 on GOING projects costing Rs.30,961 crores over 3,128 kms length falling fully/partly in the state are under different stages of planning / execution.

Some of the projects in Tamil Nadu under the Vision 2024 are:

  • Chennai Beach – Attipattu 4th Line and Chengalpattu – Villupuram Doubling which are completed.
  • Omalur – Metturdam Doubling got an allocation of Rs.25.5 crores and is targeted for completion in March 21.
  • Salem – Magnesite – Omalur doubling got Rs.35 crores and is targeted for completion in August 2022.
  • New line projects of Madurai – Tuticorin via Aruppukkottai and Rameswaram – Dhanushkodi line got Rs.20 crores and Rs.75 crores respectively.
  • The doubling of Maniyachi – Nagercoil got Rs.200 crores and the Madurai – Maniyachi – Tuticorin doubling got Rs. 300 crores in this year’s budget.

In Kerala, 9 on GOING projects costing Rs.8,799 crores over 458 kms length falling fully / partly in the stae are under different stages of planning / execution.

Some of the projects in Kerala under the Vision 2024 are:

  • Kurupanthara – Chingavanam doubling which got Rs.170 crores
  • Ambalapuzha – Haripad Doubling which got Rs.15 crores and is targeted for completion in March 2021. Besides these, the
  • Turavur – Ambalapuzha doubling, Kumbalam – Thuravur Patch doubling and Ernakulam – Kumbalam doubling got Rs.10 crores each
  • Trivandrum – Kanniyakumari doubling got Rs.275 crores.

The Karnataka portion of Southern Railway in Mangalore also got covered in this year’s budget as Kankanadi – Panambur doubling got Rs.40 crores and is targeted for completion by May 2021. Besides this, under Vision 2024 an additional Platform Line, and provision of new 24 coach pit line in lieu of existing 18 coach pit line at Mangalore Central under traffic facility works are in progress and is targeted for completion by March 2022.

General Manager also highlighted that Southern Railway will complete electrification of all the broad gauge route in its jurisdiction by Dec-2023.He pointed out that an allocation of Rs. 146 crores will give a big push for Signal & Telecom Infrastructure. Major works involves setting up of Modern centralised Train Control System in Chennai- Gudur and Chenni – Renigunta route, Train Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS), LTE and Train Management System. He also stated that vistadome coaches will be introduced in the scenic sections which are to be identified.

Focus on Capacity Enhancement : Substantial Outlay for Southern Railway in Budget 2021-22

Indian Railways received the highest ever Plan Capex of Rs.2,15,058 Crores this year with Rs.7,500 Crores from internal resources, Rs.1,00,258 Crores from Extra budgetary resources and Rs.1,07,300 Crores as Gross Budgetary Support.

  • Southern Railway has been granted an amount of Rs.3855 crore as budgetary allocation for the year 2021-2022. The outlay is Rs.1296 crores for doubling, Rs.178 crores towards gauge conversion and Rs.224.57 crores for passenger amenities.
  • Budget Grant for Passenger Amenities for 2021-22 at Rs. 224.57 Crores is the highest ever allotment under this head for Southern Railway. Budget Grant for Passenger amenities has increased by 13.35% over previous year’s grant with Rs.100 Crores provided from the Capital itself. Considerable Grant allotted for Soft Upgrades at Stations (Rs.89 Cr.) and for FOBs and PF raising (Rs.87.52 Cr.).
  • For enhanced thrust on safety of train operations, Rs.1116 Crores has been allotted for Track renewal works over Southern Railway.

Budgetary Grant (BG) under various Plan heads

PH No. Plan Head Budget Grant
In Crores
11 New Lines (Construction) 95.00
14 Gauge Conversion 178.01
15 Doubling 1206.04
16 Traffic facilities 10.00
17 Computerisation 22.56
21 Rolling Stock 75.33
22 Leased Assets-Payments of Capital components 1028.02
29 RSW – LC 92.78
30 RSW – ROB/RUB 415.61
31 Track Renewals 679.00
32 Bridge works 215.00
33 S & T Works 146.30
36 OEW Works incl. TRD 58.31
41 Machinery & Plant 26.32
42 Workshops & Sheds 51.43
51 Staff Welfare 51.66
53 Passenger Amenities 224.57
64 OSW Works 72.76
65 TRG / HRD 5.75
71 Stores suspense 981.27
72 Manufacturing suspense 1257.32
73 Miscellaneous advances 0
Total 6893.05

Budget grant for important ongoing works

No Plan Head Section Budget Grant (In Rs. Crores)
1. New Line Madurai – Tuticorin Via Aruppukkottai (143.5 km) 20.00
Rameswaram – Dhanushkodi (17.2 km) 75.00
2. Gauge Conversion Tiruchchirappali – Nagore- Karaikal with extension of Nagapatinam – Velankani – Tiruthuraipandi incl. new material modification of Karaikal – Peralam (23 km) 88.99
Quilon – Tirunelveli – Tiruchendur & Tenkasi – Virudhunagar (357 km) 2.0
Cuddalore – Salem via Vriddhachalam(191 Km) 15.00
Madurai – Bodinayakkanur (90.41 km) 71.01
3. Doubling Kankanadi – Panambur Patch doubling (19 km) 40.00
Tambaram – Chengalpattu – 3rd line GC 60.54
Kuruppanthara – Chingavanam (26.54 Km) 170.00
Ambalapuzha – Harippad (18.13Km) 15.00
Ernakulam – Kumbalam patch doubling (7.71 Km) 10.00
Omalur – Mettur Dam Doubling with Electrification(29.03 Km) 25.50
Kumbalam – Thuravur Patch doubling (15.59 Km) 10.00
Trivandrum – Kanyakumari (86.56 Km) 275.00
Madurai – Maniyachchi – Tuticorin (160 Km) 300.00
Turavur – Ambalapuzha (50 Km) 10.00
Maniyachchi – Nagercoil (102 Km) 200.00
Netravati – Mangalore Central(1.5 Km) 5.00
Salem – Magnesite Jn-Omalur (11 Km) 35.00
Chennai Beach – Chennai Egmore (4.3 Km) 5.00

Budget Grant for important ongoing Eelctrification works:

No. Section Budget Grant (In Rs.Crores)
1 Villupuram – Cuddalore Port – Mayiladuturai – Thanjavur& Mayiladuturai – Thiruvarur 40.00
2 Kollam – Punalur 19.29
3 Shoranur – Mangalore – Panambur 4.12
4 Pollachi – Podanur 4.43
5 Dindigul – Palghat 86.93
6 Tiruchchirapalli – Manamadurai-Virudunagar 76.57
7 Salem – Vridachalam – Cuddalore Port 50.22
8 Virudunagar – Tenkasi Jn 54.45
9 Tiruchchirappalli – Nagapattinam – Karaikkal Port 11.09
10 Sengottai – Tenkasi Jn. – Tirunelveli – Tiruchendur 70.95
11 Madurai – Manamadurai Jn. – Rameswaram 87.76
12 Shoranur – Nilambur 28.14

Important New works sanctioned

Track Renewal Works
Sl.No. Name of the work Allocation Sanctioned
1 PB No.786: Southern Railway Primary Track Renewal namely TRR & TSR (Umbrella work 2021-22) RRSK 205.05
2. PB No.787: Southern Railway Complete Track Renewal (Primary) (Umbrella work 2021-22) RRSK 190.95
3. PB No.788: Southern Railway Through Fastening renewal, Through Ballast renewal, Through Formation Treatment, ISD, TBTR and Through Weld Renewal, etc. (Umbrella work 2021-22) RRSK 338.64
4. PB No.789: Southern Railway Through Turnout Renewal, Removal of SEJs, Glued Joints, etc. (Umbrella work 2021-22) RRSK 318.22
5. PB No.790: Southern Railway Secondary Track Renewal namely CTR, TRR & TSR (Umbrella work 2021-22) RRSK 63.49
Total 1116.35
PH-32 Bridge Works, Tunnel Works and Approaches
6. PB No.844: Southern Railway Replacement of girders / slabs, rehabilitation / strengthening of sub-structure & super-structure, rebuilding of bridges, bridge protection works, instrumentation & monitoring of bridges and additional waterway (Umbrella work 2021-22) RRSK 150.00
PH-36 Other Electrical Works, Including TRD
7. PB No.906 :Southern Railway Replacement / Maintenance works of traction distribution over Indian Railways (Umbrella work 2021-22) RRSK 170.00