Railway Budget For West Bengal

Railway Budget For West Bengal

Rail Budget for West Bengal 2023-2024

Allocation of Railway Budget for West Bengal for the year 2021-22, for building world-class rail infrastructure.

On Going Railway Projects

  • 53 New Railway Line, Gauge Conversion and Doubling Projects Costing Rs. 48,275 Crore for 4,463 Kilo Meter
  • Total Outlay 2021-22 is Rs. 6,636 Crore
  • Total Budget allocation in 2021-22 is 51% more than the Average of 2009-14.

Note: Projects falling fully and partly in the state

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In the General Budget 2021-22, Eastern Railway has obtained considerably good budgetary allocation in different developmental projects. The total plan outlay for the year 2021-22 is 10.86% higher than that of last year’s fund allocation. Last year, the budgetary allocation was Rs.2273.69 crores for Eastern Railway. For 2021-22, the fund allocation is Rs.2520.70 crores.

There is considerable increase of fund in all important areas related to train operations and passenger amenities.

In passenger amenity, there is an increase of 14% fund allocation in the current financial year that of the last year i.e. 2020-21. This year, Rs.178.71 crores have been allocated for passenger amenity works where the last year Rs.156.75 crores, were allocated.

In track renewal, there is enhancement of 7.69% of fund allocation in the current financial year than that of the last year i.e. 2020-21. This year Rs.560 crore have been allocated for track renewal in comparison to Rs.520 crore allocated in the last year’s budget.

In Signalling & Telecommunication, there is a remarkable increase of 84.43% fund allocation in the current financial year than that of the last year i.e. 2020-21. In the present financial year, Rs.135.06 crore have been allocated for Signalling & Telecommunication works to ensure even better safety and smooth train running. In the last financial year, Rs.73.23 crore was allocataed for Signalling & Telecommunication works.

To ensure safety in level crossing gate, Rs.43.44 crore and for Road Overbridge / Road Underbridge, Rs.97.23 crores have been allocated to ensure hastle free train operations.

Moreover, fund has been allocated in the current financial year for the following important projects of Eastern Railway which are detailed as under:-

1) Construction of new coaching terminal at Dankuni – Rs.439.5 crores.

2) Dankuni-Chandanpur 4th line – Rs.73 crores.

3) Bandel – Boinchi 3rd line – Rs.45 crores.

4) Boinchi – Shaktigarh 3rd line – Rs.40 crores.

5) Monigram – Nimtita doubling work – Rs.120.20 crores.

Indian Railways has prioritized infrastructure works. Adequate fund therefore have been allocated for timely completion of projects and fund are also given depending upon progress of works. Eastern Railway always looks after comfortable and safe journey for its commuters. Therefore above allocation of fund will boost up the progress in this direction.