Railway Platform Ticket Rules | Railway Platform Ticket Fare

Railway Platform Ticket Rules | Railway Platform Ticket Fare

Ministry of Railways Decides to Increase the Minimum Chargeable Fare From Rs.5 to Rs.10 for Non Suburban Services Only to Make it at Par with the Platform Ticket Charges

The Decision will be Effective from 20th November, 2015

The Move AIMS at Meeting the Objective of Controlling the Rush on Platforms for the Convenience of the Passengers

Ministry of Railways had in the last Budget revised the price of Platform ticket from Rs.5 to Rs.10 with a view to control the rush on platforms. However the objective could not be realised as passengers started purchasing the minimum single journey second class tickets priced at Rs.5 in lieu of the Platform ticket.

Therefore, Railways have now decided to increase the minimum chargeable fare from Rs.5 to Rs.10.It will be effective from 20/11/2015 to make it at par with the Platform ticket charges. To begin with this will be applicable only to Second class Non-suburban services only. It is hoped that this step will bring down the rush on the platforms to manageable levels

Source : PIB