Appendix-2/IREM examination

Appendix-2/IREM examination

Click below link to view the Original order RBA-38

Please connect Board’s letter of even no. dated 18/11/19 under which detailed instructions for introduction of objective type questions in departmental examination for Accounts department (for promotion from Gr. D to Gr. C & Appendix-2 IREM examination) were issued.

A corrigendum is issued for Appendix-2 IREM examination, instructions 18/11/19 may be read as under:-

S.No. Departmental examination for Accounts Department Objective type questions Modified to be read as
1 Appendix-2 IREM examination 80% Objective type questions A single question on any one topic in GRP & Optional Paper in Writing with 20% weight age so that requisite caliber of employee is assessed for writing & comprehension.
1.1 General Rules & Procedures/GRP
1.2 Optional Paper

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