CANCELLATION OF TRAINS – 06th Oct. 2022 to 11th October, 2022 – South Western Railway

CANCELLATION OF TRAINS – South Western Railway 

1.Train No.12629 Yesvantpur-Nizamuddin Express leaving Yesvantpur on 06th Oct. 2015 and arriving at
Nizamuddin on 08th Oct. 2015 is cancelled.

2.Train No.12629 Yesvantpur-Nizamuddin Express leaving Yesvantpur on 08th Oct. 2015 and arriving at
Nizamuddin on 10th Oct. 2015 is cancelled.

3.Train No.12630 Nizamuddin-Yesvantpur Express leaving Nizamuddin on 09th October, 2015 and arriving at Yesvantpur on 11th October, 2015 is cancelled.

4.Train No.12650 Nizamuddin-Yesvantpur Express leaving Nizamuddin on 11th October, 2015 and arriving at Yesvantpur on 13th October, 2015 is cancelled.

5.Train No.22685 Yesvantpur-Chandigarh Express leavingYesvantpuron 07th October, 2015 and arriving
at Chandigar on 09th October, 2015 is cancelled.

6.Train No.12686 Chandigarh-Yesvantpur Express leaving Chandigarh on 10th October, 2015 and arriving
at Yesvantpur on 12th October, 2015 is cancelled.

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