Charges for haulage of empty coaches on private account

Charges for haulage of empty coaches on private account

Commercial Circular no. 12 of 2016


TCII/2221/11/ Empty Coaches

New Delhi, dated 17.03.2016

The General Managers (Commercial)
All Indian Railways

Sub:- Charges for haulage of empty coaches on private account.

Ref.:- Board’s letters No.TC11/2221/11/Empty Coaches dt. 30.05.2011 & 02.03.2016.

It has been decided to revise the charges for haulage of empty coaches as under:-

i. When  hauled  by a-scheduled  train Rs.116  per Coach  per  km. subject  to a minimum    of  RS.11600  per  Coach for  all gauges  (minimum   distance for charge  100   km).
ii. When   hauled  by a special  train Rs.3454   per train per  km.  subject to a  minimum    of   RS.345400    per   train   for all gauges  (minimum   distance   for charge   100 km).

If the charges at the rate of Rs. 116.00 per coach per kilometer for the actual number of coaches hauled by a special train works, out the higher than the charges at rates indicated in (ii) above, the former would be leviable.

These instructions shall be applicable’ for haulage of empty coaches manufactured by ICF, RCF, BEML Ltd, the coaches to be transported to Bangladesh etc.

These charges will come into force with immediate effect and will remain valid till further advice.

This, issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned immediately.

(Vikram Singh)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board.

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