New Fare structure of Humsafar train

New Fare structure of Humsafar train


Commercial Circular No. 72 of 2016

No.TC II/2910/16/Humsafar.

New Delhi, dated 14.12.2016

The Chief Commercial Managers,
All Indian Railways

Sub: Fare structure of Humsafar train.

As announced during the Railway Budget 2016-17, Board has decided to run Humsafar train with fully Air conditioned third AC service having facility GPS based passenger information system, Passenger announcement system, fire and smoke detection and suppression system, CCTVs, comfortable seats, mobile and laptop charging points, integrated Braille display, LCD display above compartment doors in the aisle, Fire. retardant cu rtains etc.

2. The fare structure of this train which will have AC-3tier will be as follows:-

2.1. Out of total accommodation, 10% of total accommodation shall be earmarked as tatkal quota.There is also provision for HO quota/duty pass quota in this train therefore out of balance berths after 10% tatkal quota and HO/duty pass quota, the first block of 50% shall be booked on the base fare for Humsafar train and thereafter a 10% increase for every 10% increase in the passenger block for the remaining 50%.

Base fare of AC-3tier of Humsafar train shall be 1.15 times of the base fare of AC-3 tier superfast Mail/Express trains, which shall be applicable for the first passenger block of 50% and thereafter a 10% increase for every 10% increase in the passenger block for the remaining 50%.Fare of tatkal quota shall be 1.5 times of Humsafar basic fares. Other charges shall be levied separately.

The Sample details for charging fare of the Humsafar train shall be as under:-


2.2 Other charges like reservation fee,superfast surcharge, service tax etc, as applicable shall be levied separately. Catering charge shall be optional for meals. The fare of Humsafar is inclusive of bedroll charges.

2.3 The advance reservation period (ARP) will be 120 days.

2.4 Normal Child fare rules will apply. No concessional tickets and tickets against Free complimentary passes which are not reimbursed shall be admissible in this train.

2.5. Booking of tickets against Passes issued to Member of Parliaments and Rail travel coupons (RTCs) issued to MLA/MLCs shall be permissible as they are fully reimbursed.

2.6 The eligibility of Privilege pass/PTO for Railway employees shall be on par with eligibility in Rajdhani trains.

2.7 Defence warrants will be eligible for exchange as per the actual fare

3.0 Vacant berths left after first charting would be offered for current booking. Tickets under current booking shall be sold at the last price sold for that class with 10% discount on last price and other supplementary charges like reservation fee,superfast charges,service tax etc., as applicable shall be levied in full.

3.1. The last price of tickets for the train should be printed in the reservation chart for the purpose of charging of difference of fare in the train or charging the passengers of the train. without ticket etc., 10% discount in the last price shall also be applicable for allotment of vacant berths in the train by TTEs.

3.2 Refund Rules: Normal Cancellation and refund rule shall apply.

4.0 CRIS is requested to make necessary changes in the software.

4.1. Each Zonal Railway shall ensure that necessary arrangements are made to reach the details to all the concerned staff well in advance.

4.2. The receipt of this letter may be acknowledged. Also please check these instructions on the Indian Railways website – Under the head commercial circulars.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

(Vikram Singh)
Director (Passenger Marketing)
Railway Board

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