Railway University Admission – National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR)

Railway University Admission – National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR)

Seat Allotment and Guidelines – Railway University


  1. For each MDP & BFP course, quota of seats for participants from Zonal Railways and PUs are fixed as below:
MDP 2 2 1
BFP 3 2 1

May kindly nominate  officers only as per the above quota so as to ensure proper utilization of available capacity as also to avoid inconvenience.

  1. For other courses, interested officers may please be nominated and advice sent to concerned Course Director well in advance. While sending the nomination details of the nominated officers like their designation, place of posting and contact number may also please be advised so that the nominated officers can be contacted.
  1. Sometimes due to unavoidable reasons the courses mentioned in the Calendar have to be re‐scheduled/cancelled; therefore,  nominated  officers  should  be advised  to check the NAIR website a week before starting date of the course to ascertain the status of the courses which they were going to attend.
  1. Participants arriving late or in excess of allotted seats or of inadequate seniority may be sent back.
  1. Generally JAG and above officers are given single occupancy rooms. JS, SS officers are accommodated on twin sharing basis.
  1. The Policy regarding family accommodation is available at the NAIR website.
  1. Officers should be advised to bring their sports‐gear and swimming costume to avail themselves of the various sports facilities available at NAIR.
  1. Typically,  Vadodara  has  a  hot  and  humid  climate.  However,  from  November  to February one may need light woolen clothing.
  1. Trainees  are  required  to  make  payments  for  mess  charges  preferably  through Debit/Credit Card.
  1. Nominations for Seminar/Workshop should not be done by Zonal Railways and PUs as the same will be done by NAIR.

Eligibility Criteria

Code Program Name Eligibility
SMP Strategic Management Program for CMDs Nomination by Railway Board
AMP Advanced Management Program Nomination by Railway Board
MDP Management Development Program 6‐8 years in Gr’A’ and due for promotion to  JAG
BFP Gr ‘B’ Foundation Program Gr     ‘B’     Officers     immediately      after promotion in Gr. ‘B’
BIP Gr  ‘B’ Induction  Program  (For  Accounts, Personnel, Stores, AHO, APHOs & Nursing Officer) Gr ‘B’ Officers within 1 Yr. of promotion to Gr ‘B’ post & after completing BFP
AIP Gr ‘A’ Induction Program Gr ‘A’ Officers (after completing AFP)
AFP Gr ‘A’ Foundation Program Probationers recruited through UPSC

Project Scheme


Participants  of MDP and BFP courses undertake  project work and submit a report. These reports   have  helped  Indian  Railways   in  harnessing   experience‐backed   knowledge   for improving productivity of various assets. The participants can support our efforts by bringing field problems or critical issues with related data for further in depth study.

Best Projects are awarded the MR’s medal and a Cash Award of Rs. 5000/‐ and Rs. 3000/‐ for each Member  of the project  group  in MDP and BFP respectively.  Synopsis  of all the Projects and full reports of the projects for the year 2001 onwards can be viewed at


AMP  Participants  shall  be  required  to  make  theme  presentations  in  groups  on  topics provided to them. These themes shall be pursued further during their duration of training at ICLIF/INSEAD as well.

Information about the courses

AFP (Group ‘A’ Foundation Programme)

The   Group   ‘A’   Foundation   Programme   is   conducted   for   newly   recruited   Group   ‘A’ probationary officers of different Railway Services. The objective is to familiarize the probationary  officers at the beginning of their career with the system of railway working, developing team working, build camaraderie and instill in a sense of discipline, dedication and pride. The extensive  training programme  includes classroom  lectures,  field visits and extra curricular activities.

AIP (Group ‘A’ Induction Programme)

The Group ‘A’ Induction Programme is conducted towards the end of probation period i.e. before joining the working post. The objective of this course is to weave together various modules  of  training  undergone  by  them  and  to  equip  them  with  relevant  skills  and knowledge  for taking up a working post. The pedagogy includes classroom  sessions, field visits, mock drills an extra curricular activities.

BFP (Group ‘B’ Foundation Programme)

This course is meant for Group ‘B’ officers immediately on promotion from Group ‘C’. The course  objective  is to give bird’s eye view of the variety  of activities  and function  of all departments, developing team working, ethos, understanding basic management concepts etc. The course is not meant for imparting in‐depth knowledge into various functional areas, for which various function related courses are available.

MDP (Management Development Programme)

This is a course for officers who are due for promotion to Junior Administrative Grade. The course   objective   is   to   impart   managerial    perspective    and   effectiveness    involving coordination and team approach for taking up role of branch officers. It is meant to impart insight into management of technology, managerial behavioural and competencies needed for handling Tenders & Contracts, DAR etc. The course is not meant for imparting in‐depth knowledge into various functional areas, for which various function related courses are available.

AMP (Advanced Management Programme)

This course is for the officers who are due for promotion to Senior Administrative  Grade. Currently it has 4 weeks module out of which 2 weeks training is at NAIR/BRC and one week at INSEAD/Singapore  as also one week at ICLIF/Malaysia. The course objective is to impart managerial perspective of policy making, effectiveness involving coordination and team working and understanding of challenges faced by Indian Railways.


The slots for Seminars/Workshop have been identified in Calendar. However, the subject for Seminar/Workshop will be finalized later and nominations will be called for accordingly.

Quality Policy

“We all, at National Academy of Indian Railways, commit ourselves to achieve “Excellence in Training Railway Managers’ to accomplish corporate objectives of Indian Railways.

We  are  also  committed  to  a  continual  improvement  in  quality  through  comprehensive periodic reviews within the frame work of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.”

About us

The Alma mater of Indian Railway officers – National Academy of Indian Railways Vadodara was originally  established  in 1930 at Dehradun and subsequently  relocated at its present site on January 31, 1952.

The local point of National Academy of Indian Railways is Pratap Vilas Palace of the Gaewads– the former rulers of Baroda. The sprawling campus of 55 acres has beautiful gardens and woods.

The training is imparted through interactive  sessions in well‐equipped  classrooms/lecture halls/model rooms.

Cubrary building has faculty offices, the Library and the Computer Center. A rich collection of Railway related material, general books and periodicals,  and multimedia  is available in the library. State‐of‐the art LAN, Wen servers and computers provide access to worldwide information resources.

“Abhivyakti”  is  a  widely  acclaimed  half  yearly  journal  of  National  Academy  of  Indian Railways, which helps in generating debate and spreading information about contemporary concerns.

A 250 seater AC auditorium and a large recreation room is the center attraction after a busy day.

Guest officers are housed in well‐furnished single/double  occupancy rooms. Officers mess ‘Annapurna’ can accommodate upto 180 guests at any time.

The two Tennis Courts, five indoor badminton courts and the Squash court, outdoor Basket Ball and Volley Ball courts and a modern Gymnasium help in achieving physical fitness for all age groups. Indoor facilities for Billiards, Table Tennis, Carom and Chess enthusiasts are a permanent attraction.

A self‐contained  Health Unit with a resident doctor provides medical support as required. The NAIR Health unit is backed by Western Railway’s Divisional Hospital at Pratap Nagar.

National Academy of Indian Railways WEB presence

Our Railnet website:  provides information relating to Railway Codes and Manuals,  reading  material  for  Foundation   Programme,   website  links  of  other  Indian Railways and other National and International Premier educational institutions.

Faculty Members

Name Shri/Smt./Ms. Designation Mobile
R. C. Agrawal Director General 9725024421
K. L. Dixit Dy. Director General 9974094047
Faculty Members
Shailendra N. Jaiswal Sr.Proff. (Management) 9974003522
Hemant Godbole Sr.Proff. (Finance Mgt.) 9974003513
V. K. Saxena Sr.Proff. (Mech. Engg.) 9974003514
A. K. Shrivastav Sr.Proff. (S & T Engg.) 9974003521
Atul Gupta Sr.Proff. (Materials Mgt.) 9974003516
S.S. Kalra Sr.Proff. (Civil Engg.) 9974003520
Dr. A Prakash Sr.Proff. (Health Mgt.) 9974003515
Pravin Parmar Sr.Proff. (Transportation Mgt.) 9974003519
S. S. Srinivas Sr.Proff. (Organizational Behaviour) 9974003517
Dr. S. K. Mitra Proff .(Health Mgt.) 9601285939
Rakesh Rajpurohit Proff .(Inventory Mgt.) 9601285943
Pramod Gadre Proff. (Elect. Engg.) 9974003518
Kumar Manavendra Proff .(Finance & Investment) 9601285945
Vijoy Kumar Singh Proff .(Comml. Mgt.) 9601285937
Rajnish Kumar Proff .(IT )& Secy. to DG 9601285941
Sunil Kumar Singh Proff .(Managment Services) 8511062808
Binay Kumar Proff .(Network Mgt.) 9601285942
Md. Faizal Proff .(Account Mgt.) 9601285931
Proff. (Relations Mgt.) 9601285935
R.S. Chhatwal Proff .(Safety Mgt.) 9601285938
R. Subramaniam Proff .(Law Mgt.) 9601285933
Hublal Jagan Proff .(Personnel Mgt.) 9601285934
Suresh Chandra Proff .(Rajbhasha) 9601285936
Mohandas P. Asst. Proff (Personnel Mgt.) 9601285944
Other Officers
Dr. D. S. Tawar Addl.CMS 9724091515
Nigam Prasad Asst. Library & Information Officer 9601285940
P. Bhaskaran PPS to DG 9601285932

click the link for more details : Railway University Courses  – National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR)

Source : Source : http://www.nair.indianrailways.gov.in/

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