Procedure Regarding Transfer of Funds by YTSK to Railway Account

Procedure Regarding Transfer of Funds by YTSK to Railway Account

Government of India (Bharat Sarkar)
Ministry of Railways (Rail Mantralaya)
(Railway Board)

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New Delhi, dated 16.03.2017

Chief Commercial Managers,
All Zonal Railways.


Sub: Acceptance of railway dues/receipts through RTGS/ NEFT – Procedure regarding transfer of funds by YTSK to railway account.

Please refer to this office letter of even number dated 13.10.2015 (CC No. 59 of 2015) wherein in para (iv) it was informed that YTSKL may also deposit the amount through RTGS/NEFT on daily basis as per instructions issued by Accounts Directorate vide no. 2Q12/ACII/9/11 dated 08.09.2015. Northern Railway, while referring to these instructions, has informed that Accounts department of their railway has raised an objection that instructions contained in letter dated 08.09.2015 issued by Accounts Directorate of Ministry of Railways is for transferring of funds by PSUs / State Governments to Railway account and not by private parties like YTSKL.

2. The matter has been examined in consultation with Accounts Directorate of Ministry of Railways and it is clarified that as already mentioned in the instructions in Commercial Circular No. 59 of 2015, the guidelines contained in the letter no. 2012/ACII/9/11 dated 08.09.2015 are also applicable to YTSKL.

2.1. YTSKLs may, however, be advised to ensure that at the time of transferring of funds, their banks should fill “all the columns” repeat all the columns of GAR-7 challan format failing which the amount deposited by them will not get reflected against their name and issuing of tickets by YTSKLs may get hampered.

3. Necessary instructions may be issued accordingly and it may be ensured that all transactions with YTSKL should be done through RTGS/NEFT.

(Amit Kumar Jain)
Director Traffic Commercial (G)
Railway Board
(T.D. Diwivedi)
Director Finance Accounts
Railway Board

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