Different between A1 and A category railway station

Different between A1 and A category railway station

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No. 2009/TG-IV/10/PA/Adarsh Stns

New Delhi, dated 13.01.2013

The General Managers,
All Zonal Railways.

Commercial Circular No. 50 of 2013

Sub: Revised instructions on Adarsh Stations

Please refer to Commercial Circular No. 49 of 2009 indicating the amenities to be provided at Adarsh Stations and para 4 of Circular dated 11.09.2012 (RB/L&A/005/2012) on comprehensive instructions for provision of passenger amenities at stations.

2. Existing guidelines on Adarsh stations has been reviewed in the light of passenger need and expectations and it has been decided that there is an urgent need to shift the focus of Adarsh stations from beautification to utility, comfort and cleanliness.

3. Accordingly, revised guidelines for development of Adarsh stations is enclosed.

4. These instructions are in supersession of Board’s letter of even number dated 17.09.2009 and will have prospective effect. These shall be applicable for Adarsh stations selected w.e.f. 2013-14 onward.

5. This issues with concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(A. Madhulcumar Reddy)
Executive Director
Passenger Marketing
Railway Board
(Desh Ratan Gupta)
Executive Director
Land & Amenities-III
Railway Board
(S.K. Saxena)
Executive Director
Elect. Energy Mgt
Railway Board
(Shobhan    Chaudhuri)
Executive Director
Railway Board

Summary of Proposed Amenities at Adarsh Stations (Revised)

A 1 A B C ‘ D E F
1 Improvement to facade of the station building Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes** Yes** Halts




2 Retiring Room Yes Yes #
3 Waiting room (with bathing facilities) for Upper class with TV Yes Yes
4 Waiting room (with bathing facilities) for other classes with TV Yes Yes Yes Yes/with




Seating cluster/ enclosure on main Platform
5 Separate Ladies waiting room(with bathing facilities) for ladies Yes Yes
6 Cloak room Yes Yes Yes#
7 Computer Based Public Address System Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 Circulating area with Lighting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 Landscaping of circulating area*** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Earmarked parking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
11 Prepaid taxi / Radiotaxi booth Yes Yes
12 Electronic Train Indicator Board/Plasma TV Train indicator system Yes Yes Yes Yes
13 Lifts/escalators (subject to feasibility) Yes Yes Yes#
14 Signage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
15 *Pay & Use toilets in circulating area /concourse area Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
16 Level of Platform High High High High High Medium
17 AC VIP Lounge ‘Yes
18 Coach indication Board Yes Yes
19 Foot Over Bridge (FOB) Yes Yes Yes Yes-


Yes Yes
20 Water Cooler Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
21 Passenger Reservation System (PRS) Yes Yes Yes UTS-CUM- PRS UTS-cum-
22 Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
23 Adequate lighting arrangements with energy efficient fitting & fixtures on platform and FOB /circulating area / concourse etc. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24 Battery Car Yes
25 Ramps at entry to station for Physically handicapped and Sr, citizens Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
26 Separate Parking for disabled persons Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
27 Non-slippery walkway from parking lot to station bldg Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
28 A toilet of PH Yes Yes Yes Yes
29 ‘May I help you’ booth Yes . Yes Yes Yes
30 Tolly path /end pathway for interplatform movement of wheelchair for PH Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
31 Wheel chair Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
32 Mobile charging points @ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

* Where Pay & Use is not feasible, departmental toilets will be provided,
** suitable facelift shall be given to the building.
*** subject to availability of space and feasibility. Ornamental trees suitable for climate of the area may be planted with or without landscaping if feasible.
# subject to need and demand – GMs decision in this regard should be final.
• Zonal railways are permitted to hire local consultants/architects for facelift and facade improvement
@ Subject to availability of power supply
Guidelines/Standards to be followed for works (Civil)

(i) Circulating Area-Detailed guidelines have been issued under Board’s letter No. 2005/LMB/02/267 dated 07.12.2005.
(ii) Flooring standards for platform, concourse and FOB/waiting room-RDSG letter No. WKS/WS/05/FS dated 22. 09.2009.
(iii) Amenities for persons with disability (PwD)- Detailed guidelines have been issued under Board’s letter No, 2012/LM(PA)/0B/04/Policy/PwDs dated 06.06.2013.
(iv) Roofing material for platform shelters-RDSO letter No. WKS/WS/05/FS dated 03.10.2012.

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