IRCTC NEW RULES – Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS) policy

IRCTC NEW RULES – Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS) policy

Modification in the Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS) policy


No. 2018/TG-I/20/JTBS Pending Issues

New Delhi dated 13.08.2018

Principal Chief Commercial Managers,
All Zonal Railways.


Sub: Modification in the Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS) policy.

With a view to facilitating issuing of unreserved tickets outside railway premises, a scheme of Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS) was initially launched as a pilot project on Northern Railway vide this office letter dated 28.06.2006. Subsequently, the scheme was extended to all Zonal Railways.

1.1 The scheme has been reviewed from time to time and provisions of the scheme have been revised/clarified vide CC no. 03 of 2009, CC no. 15 of 2010, CC no. 41 of 2010, CC no. 12 of 2014 and CC no. 38 of 2014.

2. The JTBS scheme has been further reviewed in consultations with Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways to make certain modifications in the scheme. The modifications are as follows:-

S. No. Feature of the scheme Existing Provision Revised Provision
1 Telephone Connection As per Para 3 (c) of CC no. 12/2014, the JTBS applicant with a telephone connection in his office or residence is preferred. DELETED
2 Single security deposit As per Para 3 (e) of CC no. 12/2014, JTBS applicant should be prepared to give Rs. 5,000/- refundable security deposit & Rs. 20,000/- Bank Guarantee to the Railway. On completion/ termination of contract, pending dues are adjusted from the Security deposit and balance refunded to JTBS. One-time deposit of  Rs. 25,000/- in form of banker cheque/demand draft shall be deposited by the JTBS applicant against any. dues that may arise during the period of contract. On completion/ termination of contract, pending dues will be adjusted from the Security deposit and balance refunded to JTBS.
3 (a) Commission payable to JTBS As per Para 4 (ii) of CC no. 12 of 2014, JTBS collects Rs.1/- per passenger as Commission from the passengers JTBS will collect Rs. 2/- per passenger as Commission from the passengers
(b) Renewal of season ticket As per Para 4 (iii) of CC no. 12/2014, JTBS operators are allowed to renew season tickets. Each season ticket is treated as a single ticket/single passenger for the purpose of service charge. JTBS operators are allowed to renew season tickets. JTBS will realise service charges be @ Rs.5/- per season ticket.
As YTSKs have been allowed to realise service charges for issuing unreserved tickets at par with that being realised by JTBS, YTSKs shall also realise service charges for unreserved tickets as prescribed above.
4 Tenure of the Contract As per Para 7 of CC no. 12 of 2014, initial period of contract is for 3 years which can be extended yearly on the basis of satisfactory performance for the next 3 years. Thereafter, fresh applications are called for in which the existing JTBS are also eligible to apply. However, a relaxation to this clause exists. As per CC no. 38 of 2014, the license of JTBS is considered for extension beyond a period of 6 years (3 initial years plus 3 years of extension) on yearly basis subject to certification of satisfactory performance (both financially as well as operationally) by Sr. DCM/DCM (in charge) as the case may be. Initial period of contract shall be 3 years which can be renewed after every 3 years based on satisfactory performance. In case of existing JTBS this period shall be made effective from the date of next renewal.
5 Nomination of heir As per, Para 4 (vii) of CC no, 12/2014, JTBS cannot sublet/assign or transfer the rights or obligations arising out of the contract. In case of death of the licensee, the license is transferred to his/her legal heir(s) for the unexpired period of license by the competent authority and legal heir(s) are also eligible to apply for extension of the license as per the provision of the policy. The following clause may be added in the scheme:

“The JTBS will indicate two (02) nominees/legal heirs in whose name the license should be transferred in case of death of the JTBS. In case the nominee 1 passes away before the JTBS or is unwilling to continue as JTBS after the demise of the original allottee, nominee 2 shall be asked to continue as JTBS, However, necessary provisions must be made in the agreement by the contract executing division. Further, the selected JTBS shall nominate the legal heir at the time of entering into the agreement. In case the nominee pre-deceases the JTBS then a replacement can be made. If the JTBS dies without a nominee the contract shall stand terminated.”

6 Utility for on-line register for issue of tickets As per Para 4 (x) of CC no, 12 of 2014, proper record of ticket rolls issued to the JTBS is kept by the Commercial Department of the stations serving the JTBS. Provision of a utility for online register to be made by CRIS for issue of ticket by stations to JTBS and capturing of all transactional data. Further, Ticket issued Register to be maintained by the contractor and the station/division.
7 Inspection


As per Para 5 (b) of CC no. 12/2014, a close watch is to be kept on the working of JTBS and irregularity, if any, is to be reported to the concerned DCM/Sr. DCM for taking immediate corrective action. No change. However, an inspection utility may be created by CRIS as per requirement of division so as to have a record of frequency of checks on JTBS and irregularities detected. This can also be used to draw MIS for assessing the pattern of sale of tickets so as to avert any fraud.

3. The aforesaid modifications delineated vide items no. 1, 2 & 4 will take effect at the time of next renewal in case of existing JTBS and prospectively from the date of issue of this circular in case of fresh engagement of JTBS. Modifications indicated vide item no. 3 will take effect from 01.09.2018. For modifications delineated at items no. 6 & 7, CRIS will make necessary modifications in the software and intimate the date of effect to all Zonal Railways and this office. For modification at S.No.5, existing JTBS should be asked to give the same immediately and it should be indicated in the agreement to be signed at the time of renewal. In case of freshly appointed JTBS, it will be incorporated in the agreement.

4. Necessary instructions may accordingly be issued to all concerned.

5. All the remaining provisions of the existing policy shall remain unchanged.

6. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

(Shelly Srivastava)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board


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