Season tickets to be issued up to 160 Kms between the station

Season tickets to be issued up to 160 Kms between the station

Season Tickets to be issued up to 160 Kms between Selected pair of stations on South Central Railway

Season ticket is one of the highly subsidized facility provided by railways for the benefit of regular travelers. South Central Railway has extended the facility of issuing season tickets for a distance up to 160 Kms between selected pair of stations. These season tickets were so far being issued up to the maximum distance of 150 Kms. Now, Railway Board has delegated powers to General Managers of Zonal Railways to identify pair of stations and permit the issue of season tickets beyond 150 kms up to 160 kms. Accordingly, South Central Railway has identified the following popular 12 pairs of destinations for issuing season tickets.

Sl. No Permitted Pair of Stations Distance
1 Hyderabad – Warangal 152 kms
2 Malkajgiri – Nizamabad 157 kms
3 Kacheguda – Wanaparthi 159 kms
4 Lingampalli – Kazipet 155 kms
5 Warangal – Madhira. 153 kms
6 Jangaon – Manchiryal 155 kms
7 Chittoor – Rajampeta 156 kms
8 Guntakal – Penukonda 155 kms
9 Srikalahasti – Perambur 159 kms
10 Yadgir – Vikarabad 151 kms
11 Raichur – Kurgunta 153 kms
12 Samalkot – Visakhapatnam. 151 kms.

This facility is helpful for the commuters in twin cities to travel to the destinations like Warangal, Nizamabad, Wanaparthi and Kazipet. It is also beneficial for the commuters travelling between important towns outside the twin cities. It is relevant to mention that up to distance of 150 Kms, the regular issuing of season tickets between any pair of stations will continue as per the existing procedure in vogue.

Salient features of Season Tickets and the general Conditions for purchase of season tickets in both suburban and non suburban sections –

  • Season tickets are issued for monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly periods.
  • Monthly Season Ticket (MST) fare is highly subsidized fare and the fare is equivalent to approximately 15 times of one way Second Class ordinary fare. They are permitted to travel in unreserved coaches of both Passenger and Mail/Express trains any number of times between specified stations.
  • Except between the above pair of stations mentioned earlier, Season tickets can be issued for a maximum distance of 150 Kms. for both suburban and non-suburban Section for general passengers as well as students.
  • Quarterly season tickets are charged at 2.7 times of monthly season ticket (MST) fare, half yearly tickets at 5.4 times of MST fare, yearly tickets at 10.8 times of MST fare.
  • Season tickets are issued to the intending passengers along with an Identity Card on realization of an amount of Rs 1/-
  • Season ticket without identity Card and photo of the holder affixed thereon is not valid.
  • Identity Card remains valid for 7 years.
  • Season tickets must bear the signature or thumb impression of the holder, in the absence of which the ticket would be treated as invalid.
  • Season ticket holders can carry luggage of 10 Kgs in 2nd Class.
  • The season tickets are not transferable.
  • Season tickets can be issued up to 10 days in advance of the date of expiry of the earlier ticket.
  • Season ticket for SC / ST students are issued at 50% of rates applicable to general students’ season tickets.
  • Season ticket holders are not permitted to travel in reserved coaches and trains governed by distance restrictions.
  • Season ticket holders can travel in unreserved coaches of certain super fast trains wherever permitted, on purchase of supplementary charge ticket.
  • Season ticket holders are permitted to travel in higher class on payment of difference of fare.
  • Season tickets can be purchased and renewed in digital mode i.e., through UTS on mobile APP.
  • Passengers who are travelling frequently between specified pair of stations are requested to avail the season ticket facility which is highly subsidized and beneficial. It also avoids waiting in the long queue for purchase of tickets.


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