Change Boarding Point

Change Boarding Point IRCTC New Rules from 01-05-2019

Change of boarding point



New Delhi, dated 15.03.2019

The General Managers,
All Zonal Railways

(Commercial Circular No. 17 of 2019)

Sub: Change of boarding point.

Ministry of Railways have decided that Para 637 of Indian Railways Commercial Manual Vol.I may be revised as per correction Slip No.26 enclosed herewith.

2. CRIS will make necessary modifications in the software and advise the date of effect to all zonal Railways as well as this office which in no case shall be later than 01.05.2019.

3. Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned accordingly. Wide publicity to this provision should be given for information of general public, after the date of effect is advised by CRIS.

(Shelly Srivastava)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board

Correction slip no, 26 to the Indian Railway Commercial Manual Volume-1

Para 637 may be replaced as under:-

“Permission to entrain from stations other than those from which accommodation is reserved.

– Passengers who have purchased tickets and reserved the accommodation thereon from a particular station but desire to entrain and occupy the accommodation from another station en route may be permitted to do so provided:

(i) A specific request is made before preparation of the first reservation chart of the train, through
a. an application to the Chief Reservation Supervisor / Reservation Supervisor ‘on duty’ during working hours at any computerised Passenger Reservation System(PRS) center or
b. through website of Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation(IRCTC) or
c. through 139

The facility is for the tickets booked through computerised PRS counters as well as those booked through internet.

(ii) The train is booked to stop at the station at which the passenger desires to entrain and the desired station falls on the route of the originating and terminating stations indicated on the ticket;

(iii) There is no objection to the accommodation being used, if necessary, from the initial station upto the station at which the passenger is due to entrain;

(iv) No refund is claimed for the portion of the journey not performed;

(v) In case the boarding point is changed within 24 hours of departure of train, no refund shall be permissible in normal circumstances; however, in exceptional circumstances like cancellation of train, non-attachment of coach, late running of train by more than three hours, normal refund rules shall be applicable;

(vi) However, after applying for change of boarding point, if a passenger requests to board from original boarding point instead of changed boarding point, in that case:-
a. if accommodation is available from original boarding point to changed boarding point, the passenger will be provided vacant accommodation without payment of fare.
b. If the accommodation is not available, the passenger will not be allowed to board the reserved coach in which the accommodation was originally booked. If passenger is detected travelling in the train, he will be treated as without ticket and will be required to pay single fare from original boarding point to changed boarding point along with penalty.
c. The above provisions will be applicable to all types of trains including Rajdhani / Shatabdi etc.”

(vii) Passengers have been provided with the option of booking ticket with different ‘boarding station’ and ‘station from which accommodation is reserved’. Exercise of the option at the time of booking of ticket shall not debar the passenger from making request for change of boarding point subsequently. Implying, different boarding point at time of booking of ticket shall not be considered as first request for change of boarding point as per provisions of this para.


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