IRCTC New Rules – Handing over of Retiring room/dormitory

IRCTC New RulesHanding over of Retiring room/dormitory

Handing over of Retiring room/dormitory to IRCTC

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
Railway Board

No. 2005/TGIV/35/policy/RR

New Delhi dated: 02.05.2019

Pr. Chief Commercial Managers,

All Zonal Railways.

(Commercial Circular No. 24/2019)

Sub: Handing over of Retiring room/dormitory to IRCTC.

Ref: (i) Board’s letter no. 2005/TGIV/35/policy/RR dated 23.09.2016

(ii) IRCTC’s letter no. 2016/IRCTC/LCS/Retiring Room dated 17.01.2019 & 22.04.2019

Attention is invited to Board’s letter of even no. dated 23.09.2016 (Commercial Circular No. 50/2016) stipulating the policy guidelines to be followed for handing over of Retiring Rooms/Dormitories and their management to IRCTC.

As per clause 1.1 of CC No 50/2016 – “The phase wise plan prepared and Submitted by IRCTC will be approved by Ministry of Railways in consultation with Zonal Railways. The NIT shall be published by IRCTC after getting due approval from Railway Board.” At present, 32 stations have already been approved for handing over of retiring room to IRCTC.

It has, now, been decided that in order to speed up the process of up-gradation of retiring rooms, Principal Chief Commercial Manager (on recommendation of division) shall have powers for handing over of any retiring room directly to IRCTC with the personal approval of General Manger. Board’s office to be informed by IRCTC before tendering. While selecting stations for handing over Retiring Rooms to IRCTC, zones should ensure that there is no overlap with stations already being proposed for redevelopment through IRSDC. Also, additional expenditure from divisional fund (PH- 53) should be stopped at such selected Retiring Rooms.

It is also advised that Zonal Railways may expedite the process of signing the pending agreements with IRCTC for all remaining stations and provide the details for calculation of MLF, Sketch maps, etc. to IRCTC as per existing guidelines.

This issue with the approval of competent authority.

Director Traffic Commercial (G)
Railway Board


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