RVNL Recruitment and Promotion Rules, 2010

(A Government of India Enterprise)

No. RVNL/1/51/HR(R&P)

(As amended upto 18.05.2017)


1. Short Title and Commencement:

a) These rules may be called Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) Recruitment and Promotion Rules, 2010.
b) They shall come into force with immediate effect.

2. Application:

These rules shall apply to every employees appointed to a post specified in the Schedule referred to under rule 5 but shall not apply to
(a) Any person in casual employment;
(b) Any person engaged on contract;
(c) Any person engaged on re-employed terms,
(d) Any person engaged as consultant and
(e) Any person appointed on deputation basis.
Deputation mentioned in the Schedule is a part of induction process.

3. Objectives:

These rules are designed:
(a) To enable the Corporation to induct manpower in order to meet the organizational objectives and needs; and
(b) To obtain and retain the right human resources of appropriate skills, knowledge, aptitude and merit which will enable the Corporation to grow and develop into a premier organization.

4. Definitions:

In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires;
(a) “Corporation” means Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL);
(b) “Appointing Authority” means the Board of Directors/Chairman & Managing Director or any other executive, to whom the power of making appointment to any post or a specified category of posts and grades has been delegated with the approval of the Board of Directors or Chairman & Managing Director, Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL); and
(c) “Regular employee” means an employee who has been appointed against a post in accordance with the provisions of rules 6 and 7,

5. Cadres, Grades and Strength:

There shall be six Cadres in the Corporation as under:

(a) Civil,
(b) Electrical,
(c) Signalling & Telecommunications,
(d) Finance,
(e Project Planning & Development and
(f) Human Resource

The posts included in the above said Cadres and the scale of pay attached to them on the date of commencement of these rules shall be as specified in the Schedule. The posts in Vigilance Department will be filled on ex-cadre basis.

6. Initial Constitution of the Cadres:

All regular employees appointed to a post specified in the Schedule either through direct recruitment mode or on permanent absorption of deputations shall be the members of the respective Cadre.

7. Future Maintenance of the Cadres:

The vacancies in any of the posts/grades in a Cadre referred to in the Schedule, after the initial constitution under rule 6, shall be filled in the manner provided in rules 9 and 10 and the Schedule.

8. Seniority:

(a) The inter-se seniority of the regular employees appointed to a post in a Cadre, at the time of initial constitution of the Cadre under rule 6, shall be as obtaining on the date of commencement of these rules:
Provided that if the seniority of any such employees has not been specifically determined on the said date, the same shall be determined on the basis of the rules governing the fixation of seniority as existed prior to the commencement of these rules.
(b) The seniority of the persons recruited to a cadre after the initial constitution shall be determined in accordance with the general instructions on the subject.

9. Selection Procedure for Direct Recruitment

9.1 Direct recruitment in various grades will be made through following modes of induction:

a) Open Recruitment
b) Campus Recruitment
c) GATE/CAT score
d) Candidates qualified in the written part of the Indian Engineering Service Examination conducted by UPSC
e) Absorption from Government/PSU and open market (A copy of the Absorption Policy is annexed)

All recruitment will be done by a committee(s) nominated by Chairman & Managing Director, Rail Vikas Nigam Limited.

9.2. Direct Recruitment procedure:

(i). Direct recruitment from the open market will be done by giving wide publicity.
(ii). All applications received in response to recruitment notification shall be scrutinized for the purpose of screening and short listed candidates will be called for selection. While it may be appropriate to afford opportunity to appear in the selection to all the applicants fulfilling the minimum prescribed qualifications, mere possession of these qualifications will not confer any right on any candidate to be called for the selection and the Corporation may restrict selection amongst the more meritorious applicants through an appropriate process of initial screening.
(iii). No restriction on age limit for RVNL employees who apply for a post being filled up through direct recruitment provided they fulfill other conditions prescribed therein.
(iv). The actual scheme of the tests/interview will be decided by the Selection Committee with the approval of the Chairman & Managing Director depending upon the requirements of the job for which recruitment is made.
(v). Experience in the relevant field would be preferred.
(vi). The Selection Committee can also take assistance of an outside agency for processing the applications as well as for conducting examination/test, etc., for preparation of the panel.

9.3 Recruitments in the E 0 and E 2 grades (i.e. in Executives and Assistant Manager) will also be made through campus selection by deputing a Selection Committee to reputed Technical Institutes/Universities/Colleges/ Polytechnics. The procedure of Campus Recruitment shall be as under:-
i) A list of reputed Technical Institutes/Universities/ Colleges/Polytechnics shall be prepared with the approval of Chairman & Managing Director where the Selection Committee shaft visit for campus recruitment.
ii) Recruitment in E 0 (Executives) shall also be made from the fresh candidates having Diploma in Civil, Electrical and Electronics etc. Such selected candidates will be offered job as Trainee Executives at the minimum of the scale rate of pay of Rs 12, 600 – 32, 500 pm with other perquisites and allowances admissible to the grade from time to time for two years. On successful completion of two years of on job training, they may be confirmed as Executives in the scale of pay of E 0.
iii) Recruitment in E 2 (Assistant Manager) shall be made from the fresh candidates having Degree in Cvil/Electricai/Eiectronics Engineering etc.
iv) Following two types of candidates may also be considered for direct recruitment in E 2 (Assistant manager) strictly on the basis of merit:
a) Candidates who have qualified the written part of Indian Engineering Service Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission in the preceding years.
b) Candidates who have secured a minimum percentile of 90 or in the GATE/CAT in the preceding two years.
The candidates selected as per the recruitment scheme at (iii) and (iv) above will be offered job as Trainee Engineer at the minimum of the scale rate of pay of Rs 20,600-46500 p.m. with other perquisites and allowances admissible to the grade from time to time for two years. On successful completion of two years of on job training, they may be confirmed as Assistant Manager in the scale of pay of E 2 subject to fulfilling all other conditions.
9.4 The very nature of the business of the Corporation requires that it should have staff with right technical specialization in the relevant field to meet the challenges. In order to meet this requirement, appointment to positions of Manager and above, requiring
specialized nature of experience, will also be made from open market with the approval of the Chairman & Managing Director.

9.5 Characters and Antecedents Verification:

All candidates selected for appointment shall be given offer of appointment only after his character and antecedents are verified through the appropriate authority.

9.6 Medical Examination:

All candidates selected for appointment shall be allowed to join duty only after furnishing a medical certificate of fitness for the post from the medical authority prescribed by the Corporation. The medical standard prescribed by the Ministry of Railways for the similar posts will be adopted.

9.7 Probation:

Every employee on appointment to a Cadre by direct recruitment shall be on probation for a period of two years. On completion of the probation period, the candidate can be confirmed in the relevant recruitment grade or the period of probation can be extended or the induction will be terminated depending on the performance of the candidate during the probation. In case of successful completion of the probation followed by confirmation in the appropriate grade, the probation period will be reckoned for the purpose of residency for promotion to the next grade.

10 Procedure for Promotion

10.1 For the purpose of promotion within the cadre, executive posts in the grades E 0 to E 7 have been placed in 3 clusters viz., A, B & C as indicated below. E8 and E9 posts are not part of any cluster. Within the duster, promotion from one grade to another shall be based on residency period and passing the prescribed selection procedure; vacancy not being a constraint. The number of posts in one cluster will be on floating basis. Inter-cluster promotion from the highest grade of the lower cluster to the lowest grade of next cluster as well as to the post of GM and ED shall be as per availability of vacancy.


Post Grade IDA Pay Scale Cluster
Executive Director E 9 62000-80000
General Manager E 8 51300-73000
Addl General Manager E 7 43200-66000 C
Jt General Manager E 6 36600-62000 c
Dy General Manager E 5 32900-58000 c
Sr Manager E 4 29100-54500 B
Manager E 3 24900-50500 B
Asst Manager E 2 20600-46500 B
Sr Executive E 1 16400-40500 A
Executive E 0 12600-32500 A

10.2 Eligibility for promotion shall be on the basis of following factors:-

(i) The minimum prescribed residency period will have to be fulfilled to become eligible.
ii) All eligible will be called in the selection.
(iii) Selection Committee would consult fast 4 ACRs for alt promotions from E 0 to E 7 promotion.
(iv) For promotion to E 8 and E 9, last five ACRs will be considered.
(v) Candidate should have DARA/igiiance clearance.

10.3 (i) The selection procedure i.e. written test/viva/presentation or combination thereof would be decided by the selection committee with the approval of Chairman & Managing Director before the actual selection takes place.
(ii) The panel will be made as per seniority.
1. Due consideration would be given to award/punishment during the last four/five years white evaluating a candidate for promotion,

10.4. Refusal of promotion

In the event of an employee refusing promotion for any reason, he/she shall be debarred for promotion for a period of two years from the date of refusal by such employee.
Further, an employee who has been called for selection for promotion to the next higher grade/post declines to attend or fails to attend for any reason, he/she shall be considered again only after a year in the next Selection Committee.

10.5 Promotion of employees whose conduct is under investigation

Cases of employees who are under suspension or who have been charge-sheeted or against whom criminal charges have been framed by a Court of Law shall be specifically brought to the notice of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee shall assess the suitability of such employees for promotion. The assessment and the recommendations of the Selection Committee shall be kept in a sealed cover. On conclusion of the disciplinary case/criminal prosecution which results in dropping of the charges, the sealed cover shall be opened and the employee if suitable and approved by the competent authority for promotion, will be promoted with protection of seniority position in the promotion panel. In case, any penalty is imposed as a result of the disciplinary proceedings or convicted in the criminal prosecution, the sealed cover shall not be opened.
Employees undergoing punishment shall not be promoted during the currency of the penalty.

11. Residency Period:

The crucial date for reckoning minimum residency period prescribed for promotion from one cluster to another shall be 1st July of the year in which the selections occur. If any employee appointed to a post is considered for promotion to the next higher post/grade, his senior would Page 6 of 7 also be considered irrespective of the requisite length of qualifying or eligibility service. For the purpose of counting residency period, the deputation period before permanent absorption at the initial constitution of the Cadres shall also be taken into account.

12. Reservation of Posts:

Rules on reservations, relaxation in age-limit and other concessions required to be provided for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and other special categories of persons in accordance with the orders issued by the Government from time to time in this regard would be followed.

13. Deputation:

Wherever deputation has been prescribed as a mode of induction the same shall be filled in the manner provided in the Schedule. Deputation Rules issued from time to time by Govt. India shall be applicable.
13.1. The initial deputation tenure will be five years. However, deputation period can be extended for a longer tenure of deputation upto ten years with the approval of the Competent Authority, except officials working in Vigilance Depth, who are required to be repatriated after five years.”

14. Power to Relax:

Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, where the Chairman & Managing Director, RVNL, is satisfied that the operation of any of the provisions of these rules needs dispensation in the interest of the Corporation, he may, by order, for reasons to be recorded in writing, relax the provisions of that rule with respect to any person or category of persons

15. Interpretation:

If any doubt arises as to the interpretation of any of these rules, it shall be referred to the Chairman & Managing Director, RVNL, whose decision thereon shall be final.

16. Repeal and Saving:

Any orders corresponding to these rules in force immediately before the commencement of these rules and applicable to regular employees to whom these rules apply, are repealed:
Provided that such repeal shall not affect the previous operation of the said orders or anything done or any action taken there-under.

(Ajay Kumar)
Group General Manager (HR)

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