Shramik Special Train Migrant Workers Departs to Bihar from Telangana

Shramik Special Train Migrant Workers Departs to Bihar from Telangana

Special train with 1,200 migrant workers departs to Bihar from Telangana

In Telangana, another Shramik Special Train carrying over 1,200 migrant workers left for Bihar from Ghatkesar Railway Station in Telangana this morning. This is second train left from Telangana carried Migrant workers to their home states ever since the Union Home Ministry announced relaxations in Lockdown.

The State Government is likely to take crucial decisions relating to continuation of lockdown and relaxations in Green Zone districts today at the Cabinet Meeting to be held later in the today.

Meanwhile, thousands of Migrant Workers began registering themselves for travelling to other states with the registering centres set up by Police in Hyderabad.

AIR Correspondent reports that the State Government has already announced that 40 trains will be operated every day for one week to facilitate migrant workers to reach their home states. it also appointed senior IAS office Sandeep Kumar Sultania and Additional Director General of Police Jitender as Special Officers to oversee the return of the stranded workers. The migrant workers who are registered with the local police stations will be sent by these special trains.

It may be recalled that the first Shramik Special Train with 1,225 passengers left for Jharkhand on 1st May. Another train carrying 1,200 migrant workers has left for Bihar this morning.

Meanwhile, thousands of Migrant workers are thronging the local police stations for registering themselves to go back to their home states and the local authorities are being forced to use Convention Halls to process their registration as they are in huge numbers. Meanwhile, some migrant workers are also leaving by private buses after getting due permitions and health checks.

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