Eastern Railway Network Always Ready to Run Freight Trains

Eastern Railway Network Always Ready to Run Freight Trains


Eastern Railway is continuing its effort to keep the network always ready to run freight trains for maintaining the supply of essential commodities and other inputs at different corners of the country during lock down period. ER is running freight rakes loaded with Coal & Mineral, Food Grains, Sugar, Edible Oil, Fertilizer, Salt, Medical Equipment, Petroleum Products, Cement, Steel etc to different directions on round the clock basis.

THE TOTAL FREIGHT RUN IN ER on 7.5.2020 IS 160 RAKES. The details of which is as follows:

Coal and Mineral – 35 Rakes

Container – 17 Rakes

Rice – 8 Rakes

Fertilizer -8 Rates

Sugar – 1Rakes

Salt – 1 Rake

Steel – 4 Rakes

Cement – 15 Rakes

Clinker – 3 Rakes

Stone – 11 Rakes

Edible Oil – 1 Rake

POL product- 4 Rakes

Railway Material Consignment – 3 Rakes

Parcel – 8 Rakes

Besides, 41 Empty Rakes were run out to different freight operating points for loading of essential commodities

Everywhere health & hygiene of field staff are well taken care of keeping in view the basic guidelines of social distancing. Water, soap & sanitizer are affluently available at all working points.


Movement of normal passenger trains are suspended. But Goods and Parcel Express trains are running continuously. So everybody is requested not to cross or walk through the Railway track. It may lead to fatal incidents. Crossing Railway tracks in punishable offence.

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