IRCTC Latest Guidelines on Cancellation of Ticket and Refund of Fare

IRCTC Latest Guidelines on Cancellation of Ticket and Refund of Fare

IRCTC Revised Guidelines on Cancellation of Tickets and Refund of Fare, due to Covid 19 situation SCR Order (PR.No.85) issued on 14-05-2020

As per the Railway Board instructions, revised guidelines issued on cancellation of tickets and refund of fare, due to COVID-19 situation

I. Relaxation in Refund Rules for already booked Passenger Resevation system (PRS) Counter Tickets and E-Tickets for journeys starting from 21st March 2020 up to resumption of Passenger services or till further orders.

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1. Trains Cancelled by Railways:

Passenger Reservation system (PRS) Counter Ticket: Refund across counter can be claimed on submission of Ticket up to six months from date of journey (instead of earlier rule of 3 days excluding day of journey).

E – Ticket: Auto Refund.

2. Trains Not Cancelled. Passenger does not want to perform Journey: As a special case, full refund will be given for already booked reserved tickets.

PRS Counter Ticket: Passengers can file Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) within six months from the date of journey at the station and submit the detailed TDR within in next 60 days to Chief Claims Officer or Chief Commercial Manager. Refund of concerned Zonal railway for getting the refund amount, subject to verification.

E – Ticket: Online Cancellation and refund facility is available

Passengers can also cancel PRS counter ticket through 139 Railway enquiry number or through the website of IRCTC and can get refund across the counter within the six months from the date of journey.

II. Full Refund of deducted cancellation amount on already cancelled booked reserved tickets for journey period starting from 21st March. 2020.

PRS Counter Ticket: Passengers who have already cancelled their tickets for the said journey period can apply through post in a prescribed Performa for refund of balance amount of cancellation charge to the office of Chief claims Officer or Chief Commercial Manager/ Refund of concerned Zonal Railway Headquarters Passengers must claim the refund by sending it through post within six months of scheduled date of journey.

E – Ticket: Refund of deducted amount of cancellation charges will be credited to the account of the passengers from which ticket was booked.

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