South Western Railway Operated 88 Shramik Special trains till 19-05-2022

South Western Railway Operated 88 Shramik Special trains till 19-05-2020


SWR on Monday operated 6 more Shramik Special trains, one from Hubballi to Basti in Uttar Pradesh and 5 from Bengaluru, two to Bihar, two to Uttar Pradesh and one to Guwahati this evening. SWR has so far run 82 Shramik Specials for migrant workers, students and families to return to their home towns, in different parts of the country after relaxation of Lockdown in Karnataka.3 more Shramik Specials are scheduled to leave from Karnataka to Jharkhand, Guwahati & Howrah later tonight.

Today’s first Shramik special of SWR today left from Hubballi to Basti (Uttar Pradesh) at 12.10 pm with 1443 passengers. Hubballi Division has so far operated 6 trains and 4th train to the Northern states from Hubballi station.

The second Shramik special from Bengaluru left from Malur to Madhumani in Bihar at 14.50 hrs with 1520 passengers on board.

The third Shramik special from Bengaluru left from Chikkabanavara to Azamgarhin Uttar Pradesh at16.42 hrs with 1500 passengers on board.

The fourth Shramik special from Bengaluru left from Malur to Katiharin Bihar at 16.50 hrs with 1450 passengers on board.

The fifth Shramik special from Bengaluru left from Bengaluru Cant. to Guwahati in Assam at 16.45 hrs with 1507 passengers on board.This is the first Shramik Special train to leave from Bengaluru Cant.

The sixth Shramik special from Bengaluru left from Chikkabanavara to Basti in Uttar Pradesh at 18.30 hrs with 1,507 passengers on board.

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) have granted permission for movement of the stranded citizens including migrants labourers, workers, students, tourists to return to their native towns.As per the list provided by State Government, arrangement of train services for aprox 8,927 citizens were made for them to return to their native place from Hubballi and Bengaluru.

Hon’ble Minister of Railway has tweeted that Railway has become a blessing for the people by helping those stranded far away due to Lockdown reach their hometowns and Railways is ready to run trains from any district to anywhere.So far SWR has run 82 Shramik specials ferrying 1,12,524 citizens to their native place.

State Government had arranged to bring passengers of Shramik Special trains to the stations through BMTC Buses as per the protocol.SWR is transporting passengers to their destination as per the demand of State Government with proper protocol and the receiving State Government is ready to accept them. These special trains are being run from point to point with no stoppages en-route.

The passengers are being provided with food packet and 2 water bottles of one litre capacity each, dates, cookies and buttermilk for their journey en-route.The passengers were very happy to be returning to their hometowns.They thanked the Railways and State Govt for arranging their return journey.

Care is being taken to ensure social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitizing of hands and making regular announcement to caution the passengers for prevention and spread of Covid-19 virus before departure from Hubballi, Chikkabanavara, Malur and Bengaluru Cant. Stations. Hand Sanitizer along with liquid soap has been provided in all coaches to protect against spread of Covid-19 Virus.Railway is also ensuring complete sanitization of all coaches before boarding of special train by the passengers.

Special Trains are departing the Stations only after all the passengers are medically examined by Government of Karnataka and issued medical certificate.Thermal screening is again done by Railway Medical Teams at the stations.None of the passengers was detected with high temperature.The Railway Protection Force (RPF) team is escorting the trains and ensuring social distancing. Details of passengers, coach-wise with address and mobile Nos. have been obtained.Details have been digitalized and stored for contact tracing in future, if required.

Anyone who has to travel should contact the State Govt. only and No tickets are being issued at Railway Stations over SWR. Reservation can be done for special train services through IRCTC website.

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