Cancellation of Tickets Due to Reduction in Train Stoppages

Cancellation of Tickets Due to Reduction in Train Stoppages

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, as requested by State Governments, Railways has reduced the number of stoppages for the special trains which have been introduced from 1st June, 2020 in their respective state. Accordingly, some of the stoppages have been deleted in the State of Andhra Pradesh for the trains originating / terminating / passing through the State.

All the tickets booked for the stoppages that have been deleted shall be cancelled and full refund will be granted. The detailed procedures in this regard are:

I. E-Tickets:

a) All tickets booked for the destinations that have been deleted, shall be automatically cancelled.

b) Further, IRCTC shall refund fare for such cancelled tickets without deduction of cancellation charges.

II. Counter Reserved Tickets:

a) The PNR shall be cancelled in the reservation system prior to the preparation of first reservation chart.

b) Full refund of fare shall be granted without deduction of cancellation charges on surrendering of original tickets across any reservation counter within 30 days of the date of journey.

c) In case of counter tickets booked through digital transactions, refund of fare shall be credited to the account from which transactions has been made.

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