Implementation of Microsoft Teams over Indian Railways

Implementation of Microsoft Teams over Indian Railways

File No.A-17014/1/2020-RBCC
Government of India
Ministry of Railways (Railway Board)

New Delhi, Dated 19.06.2020

The General Managers-All Indian Railways/Production Units
The DGs/Directors, CTIs

Sub: Implementation of ‘Microsoft Teams’ over Indian Railways

Board (MT & CRB) has approved the adoption of‘Microsoft Teams’ with Office 365, for 15000 users over Indian Railways, on the free trial offer of Microsoft India for 6 months (15.6.2020 to 14.12.2020). This is to support the various Indian Railway offices – Board. Zonal Rly, Divisions and Other Railway Units, for social distancing, avoid travelling & facilitating work-from-home in the present COVID-19 outbreak, through this IT application for collaboration and communication.

The key features of‘Teams’ application are – organizing discussions and file sharing in groups, A/’V conferencing, presentations on VCs, working online together on documents (Word, Excel & Power Point) etc. The users of entire IR will be, in an unified domain and further divided into sub-domain as per ZRs & PUs to facilitate collaborative working and seamless communication across the whole Organization.

For this application, unique user IDs are being created using first part of email ID of IR officials, i.e abc(a) The same would be intimated through email, at their respective tg)} email ID of IR officials. To fast track and streamline the implementation, approx 8000 users are being created centrally using SPARROW database & Railway Board Tele Directory, for officers of JAG and above. For Railway Board Office, IDs for other e-office users are also being created. Further, other users will be created based on demand from various railway units. Apart from the hand holding support being provided through Microsoft, a Quick Start guide for Railway Working is also being formulated. It would be circulated in welcome mail and be made available on-line on, REIS & Railway Board website. The created user data of RB, ZRs & PUs-wise would be available only on

Nodal officers are being entrusted to administer the roll-out, viz. RBCC for Railway Board. Similarly, DGM(G)s in ZRs and designated admin related officers in other field units. A change in nodal officers may be sought with the approval of the respective head of the field unit. RBCC officials will act as the global admin. All field units are required to nominate minimum two Admins each for (l) password (2) user creation & (3) helpdesk within a week time. Requirement for further user creation & modification can be sent through the nodal officers. All queries & requests may be email to “teams”

(Rajnesh Singh)
Director, ME (C&IS)


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