List of Safety/vital items with unified PL numbers 2023

List of Safety/vital items with unified PL numbers 2023


No.99/RS(IC)/165/SRCpt. 1

New Delhi, dated 06.07.2015

The General Manager, All Indian Railways & PUs including NF(C). The General Manager, CORE, Allahabad.
The General Manager, Metro Railway, Kolkata.
The Director General, RDSO, Lucknow & Railway Staff College, Vadodara. The MD, RITES, RITES Bhavan, Sector-29, Gurgaon.
The MD, KRCL, Belapur Bhavan, 4th Floor, Sector-II, CBD, Belapur, Navi Mumbai. The MD, MRVC, 2nd Floor, Church Gate station Building, Mumbai.
The MD, CRIS, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.
CAO/Workshop Projects organisation, 1st Floor, Chamber Bhawan, J .C. Road, Patna -800001. CAO/DMW, Patiala and COFMOW, New Delhi.
CAO/MTP, NBCC Place, Bhishrna Pitamah Marg, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi.
CAO/MTP, Mumbai and Chennai.

Sub: Safety/vital items with Unified PL numbers.

The list of Safety items was first compiled in the year 1970 which was further reviewed in 1986 & 2000. The list of safety items was last reviewed, revised and issued on 06.03.2012. Subsequently, it was noticed that some items included in the list were vital items and not Safety items. Considering that there are differential purchase powers for safety item, it was decided that this issue be addressed at the time of next revision. Accordingly, RDSO was requested to segregate the items included in the list into Safety and Vital items. They had furnished the list indicating whether an item is a Safety item or Vital item and the same has been approved by the concerned Dtes. in Board’s office. Besides above, attempt has been made to capture additional details including Unified PL No., drawing and descriptions for all the items proposed to be included in the revised Safety/vital items list. Safety items are those items whose unavailability or malfunctioning affects safe train operations whereas Vital items are those items whose unavailability or malfunctioning affects train operations.

The list of safety/vital items with description, specification, drawing number and PL Nos. has been finalised and available on SMDMS and railnet address 10.1.1 0.21/Stores.

(A.N. Rao)
Dy. Director RS(IC)
Railway Board

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