Introduction of new trains – 2 DEMU , 4 EMU , 3 Pairs local Trains – Eastern Railway

Introduction of new trains  – Eastern Railway

Two DEMU Passenger trains have been introduced between Azimganj and Nimtita 5 days a week. Three pairs of local trains – Tarakeswer-Arambagh, Bandel-Katwa and Ranaghat-Gede have been newly introduced o­n passenger demand utilizing lie over of EMU rakes.

Four EMU services have been introduced between Sonarpur – Mathurapur Road, Mathurapur Road – Baruipur, Baruipur – Diamond Harbour and Diamond Harbour- Sonarpur.Similarly, 2 local trains presently running as special services between Ranaghat-Bongaon and Sealdah-Sonarpur have been introduced o­n a regular measure.

Extension of 2 pairs of Howrah-Singur and Howrah-Haripal upto Tarakeswar has also been made permanent.

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