SPEEDING UP OF TRAINS -Mail,Express, Passenger and Locals Trains by Eastern Railway

Reduction in running time of trains – Mail/Exp., Passenger and Locals :

With the completion of doubling between Bandel and Katwa, Krishnanagar upto Plassey, Lalgola to Jiaganj, in Suburban sections of Sealdah Division and Tinpahar to Pirpainthi in two stretches in Malda Division,8 Mail/Express trains and 17 Passenger trains have been speeded up saving time between 5 to 45 mts. In Sealdah Division, 20 EMU locals between Sealdah and Diamond Harbour, 7 locals between Sealdah and Laxmikantapur have been speeded up to save 5 to 8 mts. In Bandel – Katwa section also 28 local trains have been speeded up by 5 to 45 mts.

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