Antyodaya Express Train Fare Structure

Antyodaya Express Train Fare Structure


Commercial Circular No. 19 of 2017

No.TC II/2910/17/Antyodaya Express

New Delhi, dated 24.02.2017

The Chief Commercial Managers,
All Indian Railways

Sub: Fare structure of Antyodaya Express train.

As announced during the Railway Budget 2016-17, it has been decided to run Antyodaya Express train, a long distance superfast service with fully second class unreserved coaches having some special features like Wider windows, Vestibule ends for inter coach movement, cushioned luggage rack, handhold in doorway area, fire extinguishers with anti-theft arrangements, portable water filtration system, exterior colour scheme with anti-graffiti coating, MU cables for push-pull operation etc.,

2. The fare structure of this train which will have only unreserved second class coaches will be as follows:-

2.1. Base fare of unreserved second class of Antyodaya Express train shall be 15% higher than the base fare of unreserved second class of Mail/Express trains.

2.2. Other charges like superfast surcharges, Mela surcharge if applicable etc. shall be levied separately.

2.3 The Sample examples for charging fare of the Antyodaya Express train shall be as under:-

 Description Mail/Express trains Antyodaya Express trains
Basic fare 367 422
Superfast charge 15 15
Total fare 382 437

2.4. Rounding off of fare shall be made as per existing principle.

2.5 Normal Child fare rules shall apply.

2.6. Concessional tickets, tickets against free complimentary passes which are not reimbursed and Railway Privilege passes/PTOs shall not be admissible in this train.

2.7. Booking of tickets against Passes issued to Member of Parliaments and Rail travel coupons (RTCs) issued to MLA/MLCs shall be permissible as they are fully reimbursed.

2.8 Defence warrants, Paramilitary warrants etc. which have fully reimbursable fare will be eligible for exchange as per the actual fare.

2.9. The ticket may be printed with the name of the train i.e “Antyodaya”

3. Refund Rules: Normal cancellation and refund rule shall apply.

4.0 CRIS is requested to make necessary changes in the software.

4.1. Each Zonal Railway shall ensure that necessary arrangements are made to reach the details to all the concerned staff well in advice.

4.2. The receipt of this letter, may be acknowledged. Also please check these instructions on the Indian Railways website- Under the head commercial circulars.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

(Vikram Singh)
Director (Passenger Marketing)
Railway Board.

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