Hospital on Wheels-Lifeline Express

Hospital on Wheels-Lifeline Express

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It was a simple dream. All it wanted was that people should not, through neglect or ignorance, become disabled or crippled, and thus robbed of health, productivity and joy, and that disabled persons especially in rural India should have access to medical services wherever they be.

On 16th of July, 1991, this dream came true, when Impact India’s Lifeline Express, the world’s first hospital on a train, was launched.

The internationally acclaimed Lifeline Express has become a model for transfer of appropriate technology to other countries to set up similar projects in China, Central Africa and river boat hospitals in Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Maharashtra: Lifeline Express inaugurated at CSMT, Mumbai

The Lifeline Express, also known as “Hospital on Wheels”, was today inaugurated at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus by the Central Railway (CR) for its latest project, which involves providing medical treatment to poor patients.

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