2 Cabins of Sleeper Class Coach modified as Prototype Isolation Cabins by Carriage Workshop Lallaguda

2 Cabins of Sleeper Class Coach modified as Prototype Isolation Cabins by Carriage Workshop Lallaguda

As part of COVID-19 preparedness, it was advised by the Ministry of Railways that coaches may be converted into Quarantine/Isolation Coaches so as to augment the additional quarantine and isolation facilities if required.

In this regard, to start with Railway Board advised to utilize o­nly Non-AC Sleeper Class Coaches for converting as quarantine/isolation coaches. Accordingly, Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, South Central Railway instructed the officials of the Zone to draw the plans for modification of the existing non -AC sleeper class coaches as quarantine/isolation coaches.

As per the instructions of General Manager, staff and officers of Carriage Workshop, Lallaguda swung into action and modified two cabins in a non-ac sleeper class coach number SC GSCN 00205 as a prototype isolation cabins.

The details of modification being done includes –

  • Generally, each sleeper class coach will have 9 cabins. In each cabin 6 berths inside (2 lower, 2 middle and 2 upper) and 2 berths in side (1 side lower and 1 side upper) totaling to 6+2=8 berths. o­n entire coach there are 72 berths.
  • Out of these 9 cabins, presently o­nly 2 cabins i.e. second cabin from either end are modified as a prototype isolation cabin.
  • In these 2 cabins (earmarked for isolation), both middle and upper berths and also side lower and side upper berths were removed.
  • Out of these 2 cabins, o­ne cabin provided with half partition sheet& half curtain and the other cabin provided with two full plasticcur tains.
  • In both the cabins the width of the lower berth earmarked for the patient widened by 90 mm for sleeping comfort.
  • One of the two cabins was wrapped with Vinyl o­n panels in cabin area for good aesthetics.
  • Provision of Mosquito Wire Mesh in lieu of Venetion shutters.
  • Ladders for upper berth removed.
  • Stainless Steel bottle holders 2 Nos.provided.
  • Dust bins with cover provided.
  • In both the cabins 3 sockets of 5-amp capacity with switch provided to meet the power supply needs.
  • Entrance of cabin provided with two half plastic curtains.

Modification in Toilet Portion:

  • The toilet pans of the Indian style toilets available at both the ends of the coach were removed and converted for bathing facility.
  • Toilet floor provided with PVC & drain hole.
  • Wash basin inside the toilet removed to make the bathing facility comfortable.
  • Additional tap with lift type handle and in proper height has been provided so that bucket can be filled without much difficulty. In addition, health faucet & Shower facility are also provided.
  • Bucket, bath stool and mug provided.

These facilities are in addition to quarantine / isolation beds provided by the Zone at Railway Hospitals / Health Units / Training Institutes spread around 30 locations over the South Central Railway accommodating more than 1000 beds.

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