The dedicated members of Eastern Railway Bharat Scouts and Guides were well ahead of the call before this pandemic COVID – 19 made to shiver the whole society. Before this unprecedented disease started to show its death skill, they swing into action in making the public aware about what to do and what not to do. To stop this Corona Virus from being epidemic, Sealdah District Association arranged an awareness campaign with their Divisional Railway Manager from SDAH to BGB on 14.03.2020.

Malda District Association was also on song with their DRM and other designated officers in making the public aware at the Malda Town Station with leaflets, placards and public address system on 15.03.2020. Stephenson Scouts Group and Agnes Guide Group of Bardhaman under Howrah District Association also came forward for this nobel purpose. Under the Guidance of Dr. Anup Bhattacharya and with the help of medical department of E. Rly.

Bardhaman, they also organised an awareness campaign in their local area to make public aware about the Do’s and Don’ts on 18.03.2020.

Humanitarian actions from the members of scouting organisation has also reflected during this needy hour. Members of Sealdah and Howrah District has taken the responsibility to feed the street dogs of their locality everyday by preparing foods which is a real generous action. Domohani Group of Asansol District Association has distributed prepared foods to the hungry, beggar, handicapped and also to the people who works on daily wages at Asansol Station and Asansol Bazar area. An initiative has also come from the SOC(S)/E. Rly. who has made 300ml.of hand sanitizer at home at a very minimum cost to prevent the people from getting cheated on this acute hour. As a responsible citizen and also as a member of this fraternity he has urged all the members of Bharat Scouts and Guides to contribute the fees of an event willingly without participating in it to PMRF to stand beside the humanity. A great and timely gesture shown keeping the view on the situation.

Asansol district kicked off their campaign of awareness by taking over the leaflet from their respected DCC & ADRM/ASN about the COVID-19 on 16.03.2020.Immediately they started to take action and from 17.03.2020 to 20.03.2020 door to door campaign was organised by the groups of ASN, UDL & MDP. But their campaign was not stucked at only between the parameter of awareness. From 17.03.2020 to 20.03.2020 distribution of food packets were supplied to the needy people of different slums area during this period of lockdown with the purpose to have Zero Hunger as per Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) is also one of their prime objective.

For this noble cause spontaneous donations have been received from the members and well wishers and also from different corners. It has been heard that they have already reached out to 300 needy people with this purpose. on 29.03.2020 in a slum near Hamid Agar in ASN 128 members of 60 families were provided with Rice, Dal, Potatoes, Salt and Soap.

Their activity continued on next day too where 200 people were provided with Rice, Dal and Soyabean along with cooked food in the form of Rice & Egg Curry to the children also in a slum near Reckit & Colman Blue Factory in ASN. Other Scouting Districts is also doing the same in order to help the needy people as per the resource they have. It has also come to the notice that during the Janta Curfew on 22.03.2020 all the members had adhered the urge made by the Honourable Prime Minister of India by staying at home and also requesting others to stay at home by using all social platforms. It is also very notable that the members of Eastern Railway Bharat Scouts and Guides is working on a project called “SANKALP” by staying at home and posting all their activities on social platform which fc has been specially designed for this lockdown period by the National Headquarters of BS&G.

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