Automatic Thermal Scanners In Railway Stations | Bullet Thermal Image Screening Cameras In Railway Stations

Automatic Thermal Scanners In Railway Stations | Bullet Thermal Image Screening Cameras In Railway Stations

Automatic Thermal Scanners installed at Secunderabad and Hyderabad Railway Stations – Bullet thermal image screening cameras made operationalized at Secunderabad and Hyderabad stations

As a part of precautionary measures being adopted at Railway stations for the safety of the passengers in the wake of pandemic COVID- 19, the Zone has installed bullet thermal image screening cameras one each at Secunderabad and Hyderabad Railway stations for thermal image screening of passengers. The bullet thermal image screening camera equipment consists of thermal screening camera, network video recorder, LED monitors along with alarm mechanism.

Indian Railways has been operating special train services across various destinations for the benefit of passengers. However, only those passengers are being allowed in to the stations and trains who have confirmed tickets and who do not have any symptoms related to COVID-19. To ascertain the later, every passenger has to undergo thermal screening. Deploying these thermal screening devices at major stations like Secunderabad will cut down on the time being taken for screening each passenger as the device can simultaneously screen upto 30 passengers within its range.

Whenever a passenger enters into the camera focusing range, which is approximately 6 meters away from entrance, the camera starts to screen the body temperature of the passengers. The temperature of the passenger will be displayed on the LED monitor as real picture along with 30 thermal images within the coverage area. The body temperature of the passengers recorded by the camera will be exhibited on the LED screen as a text message followed by alert audio alarm.The cameras installed at both stations are able to scan and record the temperature of the passengers standing in two different lines simultaneously. The data stored can also be retrieved, if needed.

One thermal camera has currently been installed at Secunderabad station gate no. 3 on platform no 1 near general booking area and other camera at Hyderabad station main entrance. It is planned to install two more cameras at Secunderabad station in this week. Screening of passengers and operation of the bullet thermal image screening equipment at the entrance of the station is being done by the security and health wing of Railways. Total cost of per camera with accessories around Rs. 4.4 lakh per unit.

Speaking on this occasion, Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, SCR complimented the Secunderabad Division in deploying these devices at the railway stations. He said that the screening of the passengers through this new thermal device will help in handling more number of passengers simultaneously.

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