IRCTC Food Rate List

IRCTC Food Rate List

Tariff of food items & Packaged Drinking Water at Stations as well Mail/Express Trains.

Indian Railway Food Price List 
IRCTC food price list in train
Tariff for Tea and Coffee, Breakfast and Standard meals At Stations In Trains
Standard tea (150 ml) in disposable cups of 170 ml capacity Rs.5.00 Rs.5.00
Tea (With tea bag) (150 ml) in disposable cups of 170 ml capacity Rs.7.00 Rs.7.00
Coffee Using instant coffee powder (150 ml) in disposable cups of 170 ml capacity Rs.7.00 Rs.7.00
Rail Neer and Packaged drinking water (Chilled)
1 litre bottle or 1000 ml Rs.15.00 Rs.15.00
500ml. Bottle Rs.10.00 Rs.10.00
Janta Meal
Janta Meal or Economy meal or Janta Khana Rs.15.00 Rs.20.00
Standard Breakfast
Vegetarian Breakfast (Bread butter and cutlet / Idli and Vada/Upma and Vada/Pongal and vada) Rs.25.00 Rs.30.00
Non-Vegetarian Breakfast Bread, butter and omelet Rs.30.00 Rs.35.00
Standard casserole meals
Vegetarian Rs.45.00 Rs.50.00
Non-Vegetarian Rs.50.00 Rs.55.00
Revised menu and tariff of standard meals for Mail/Express trains Click Here
Revision in Menu and Tariff of catering services on Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto and Standard Meals on Indian Railways Click Here

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